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Thread: I can not believe this!!

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    I can not believe this!!

    Ok, I am sure 1 or two of you have seen my hobby site and the Case Mods page. Well, the first thing on there is the Earnhartd Collectors set I did for a local computer store. LOL Now, I sold this set to the store in Ga, the owner there in turn sold it to a store in AL near the Talladega Raceway, who in turn sold it to someone who was going to raffle them at another race track. lol Well, they were built into two decent machines and then the guy running the raffles, took possession of them. Get this! Instead of taking them home or displaying them in a shop or store, the owner put them in a metal storage building, in the hottest part of August and left them there for over 2 weeks. When they went to pick them up all the plastic parts including the fans, and the front panel had melted!!! Geesh, I was told the blades looked like wilted flowers and the front drooped worse than a Basset Hound's What a shame and a waste.

    *** Lesson**
    Never store your plastic covered items in a metal storage building.


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    I can not believe this!!

    That's a humorous yet sad story, sort of like the story of how some guy gets drunk, throws a stick of dynamite, and accidentally blows up his dog. You want to laugh, but you feel bad for both the dude and the dog. So yeah, same deal with you and your cases. Tough break, what a waste.

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    I can not believe this!!

    That does suck! I hate it when people don't take proper care of art.

    LOL at the dude that blew up his dog.

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    I can not believe this!!

    I agree with Sheldog but at the same time the guy had his head up his butt thinking that they would be okay in a metal building. Funny story about the dog but again another butt story. Happy Modding to ya.

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