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Thread: Need Help with my mouse......

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    Need Help with my mouse......

    Hey Guys,

    I have the logitech G7. (dont complain...wireless doesnot bother mee lol!!!!!).... Anyway, I was wondering if anybody knows of anything that i can use to make it feel like a G5 or an MX1000. Those of you have or have used the G7, and have also tried the other models, know that the G7 doesn't have that grippy feel to it. It feels more like plastic and when you play for long periods of time, it get kind of slippery and annoying...(I think if Logitech made the G7 like the G5 it would have been a bigger success)...

    So if anyone knows of any type of a spray on grip or somthing...Dont be afraid to shout it out....


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    Need Help with my mouse......

    I actually prefer the G7 feel over the MX1000 myself. Lighter less effort to move around.

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    Need Help with my mouse......

    I like the 1000 way more, it has the heft. Not to mention everything is different on the G7, and I got so pissed, i threw it out the window.

    Anyways, back to your question: Try Plastic dip. just mask off all the buttons, a few mm's next to the buttons, all the holes, everything that you don't want plastidipped, and brush on a thin layer.

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    Need Help with my mouse......

    hifiman72 Are you comfortable with stripping the mouse down to it's bare parts leaving just the case exposed..??

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