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Thread: The Berserker - - - - - Shuttle Mod

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    The Berserker - - - - - Shuttle Mod

    I've got it in competion over at the mod shop now. I need props to compete, so yeah.

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    The Berserker - - - - - Shuttle Mod

    Okay, the shuttle contest is over, and I didn't win any of the major prizes. I won the shuttle's choice award of a shuttle carrying bag that my shuttle cannot fit into. It's better than nothing, and I suppose that's what eBay is for. Even though I didn't win, I'm still glad that I competed because if I hadn't, I would never have done this mod. I work better under pressure, so having the deadline was helpful.

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    The Berserker - - - - - Shuttle Mod

    Congratulations on a fine mod bud. And, an award of any kind is winning. Yeah, Ebay is the place for your un-needed items.

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    The Berserker - - - - - Shuttle Mod

    Well, my prize arrived today! I was going upstairs to paint the laptop, but then I was accosted by Fed-ex with my shipment from Newegg: another gig of ram, as well as new parts for my parents' computer! Oh, the glory! So then I got to the business of unpacking and installing everything. Then, just as I was heading upstairs with the rattle-can, I was accosted a second time by Fed-ex! I had been warned by a fortune cookie that I would be surprised by items in the mail, and it came true. He gave me my shuttle backpack, which I had sort of forgotten about. Pics:

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    The Berserker - - - - - Shuttle Mod

    Congrats and I'm sure that you will find something for that bag. Happy Modding to ya.

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    The Berserker - - - - - Shuttle Mod

    Yeah, I don't know if I'm going to sell it. I kind of like it. I don't know yet.

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