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Thread: ARTiGO Pico-ITX Builder Kit

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    ARTiGO Pico-ITX Builder Kit

    Check this out. I'm not sure about the power of it but it's pretty cool just because of the size of it. I'd love to have one of those just for the heck of it. Heck you could put the computer in just about anything. It's a cool idea to save the least. Sorta reminds me of those Cigar Box PC's.


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    ARTiGO Pico-ITX Builder Kit

    Wow, your right about being able to put this into just about anything your imagination can come up with. Happy Modding to ya.

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    ARTiGO Pico-ITX Builder Kit

    The ARTiGO is an extremely ultra compact system that can be installed into a standard 5.25" desktop drive bay. Adding a mini PC within a Desktop PC.

    i couldnt find a price on any of the US distributors they listed, has anyone else?

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    ARTiGO Pico-ITX Builder Kit

    no i cant find the price either.... but do you get the same idea that i get? about putting 15 of those in a server case along with a 4 or 8 core server board? Mini rendering farm/supercomputing?

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    ARTiGO Pico-ITX Builder Kit

    lol 15 PSUs :P

    sounds cool alright but you still need a PSU for that thingy because as what as I was looking, it had a DC-DC 60W converter

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    ARTiGO Pico-ITX Builder Kit

    O.o;;; a few 1kws?

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    ARTiGO Pico-ITX Builder Kit

    i found a price here:

    sadly, according to google: 189 British pounds = 383.1975 U.S. dollars

    guess i'll have to pass on one of these

    the PSU doesnt look too bad, its basically an external brick similar to most peripheral chargers

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    ARTiGO Pico-ITX Builder Kit

    Ouch... i guess i was expecting that, but still.... thats a lot of money.

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    ARTiGO Pico-ITX Builder Kit

    Really thought thats not too bad of price for 90% of a PC. I think all you need is Ram and a HD if I am correct. Be fun to have one of those strapped to the back of a 30" monitor or hell I can think of a million cool things to do with it. For those who only web surf and check emails thats not a bad deal. I might have to be the first one to get one and do a mini case mod. LOL!

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    ARTiGO Pico-ITX Builder Kit

    mini case mod... hmm in this box? :P

    keep away from children --> LoL :lol:

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