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Thread: Playstation 2

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    Playstation 2

    Hello Friends,
    I am a noob. My objective is to fit my inside the Playstation fat.
    I have a micro-atx mobo. So any advices and ideas before starting welcome

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    Playstation 2

    Hello kunal2sh, and welcome to M-I. First step: take the thing apart and visualize where everything will go. Then, tap holes for the mobo and dremel out a hole in the back for the i/o ports on the mobo. For a more professional look, you can use extender ports that you plug into the back of the mobo then attach to the outside of the case in different places. So the i/o ports on the mobo would be inside the unit, but cables would bring them to the outside, preferably where the original ports were. This gives you more flexibility and a cleaner finish. However, it can be a little more expensive. Read the Endorphin work log for a good way to attach your drives to the outside of the case. Hope this helps.

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    Playstation 2

    I agree with bsl, you'll need to get the unit apart first so that you can see where your mounting post are and then to make your own onto the motherboard tray. Merry Christmas and Happy Modding to ya.

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    Playstation 2

    thanx guys..gonna start....soon..

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    Playstation 2

    i can say, it has been done with a mini itx board, and gets very hot so make sure u do oyur cooling right mate, dont want to fry the board or anything else, gd luck mate

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