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Thread: Touchscreen projector thing...

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    Touchscreen projector thing...

    I found This on tbcs. Its well kool and cheap

    I just thought I'd show you guys...Gl if you try it ^^

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    Touchscreen projector thing...

    THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!! Must do! I actually may do that, just with my monitor.

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    Touchscreen projector thing...

    meh... cool idea, but you have to have a wiimote. *shrug* I already have one console-less controller, what do i need another one for?

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    Touchscreen projector thing...

    Is 35€ alot for a Wiimote with a game?

    I want a projector so much more now lol

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    Touchscreen projector thing...

    Meh... im saving up for some nice camera equipment... so 35euros (about 10% of my alloted money) is a chunk of time i have to wait longer for my nice lens.

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