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Thread: Project - Deja Blue

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    Project - Deja Blue

    I thought it would be nice to post it here to, just started with my first project

    Don't be hard on me, these are only my first steps...

    Update 1:

    Stock Case (Chieftec Dragon):

    Bought plexi door and 80mm fan:

    Mirror mod and organized everything with some ty-raps

    Picture of my "working space"

    Update 2

    Bought second door for left but this one will go on the right...

    So first i sanded the back of the handle do it wouldn't hit my mobo-board, also removed the plexi and this week i'll start painting

    The paint will have clear coat so it will have a nice shine to it, other parts will also get a clear coat.

    I'll also get some other stuff this week

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    Project - Deja Blue

    Welcome to Modders-inc, Subwoofer, and thanks for posting here. I can't say too much because as you said, these are just the first steps. I am looking forward to seeing what you will do. What color are you thinking?

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    Project - Deja Blue

    Welcome to MI, Subwoofer. Glad to have you hear for your first project. If you have any question please feel free to ask away. We will do our best to give you a answer or lead you to a area where you can get the answer. So far it's looking good. I do have one question and that is, are you going to change the flat cable to a round cable? You'll get better air flow with round cables instead of the flat. What are the stats on this unit your working on? Very nice start so far and thanks for sharing with us. Hope to see more updates soon. We all like photos and you've come in with photos with the first posting which is fabulous. Merry Christmas and Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project - Deja Blue

    The color will stay the same, but i'll add a clear coat, so it will have a nice shine to it

    the flat cables are beeing replaced this week by rounded cables

    things to come are:

    spray the gray door blue
    remove hd-bays and put one in the dvd bay
    install 4 blue led fans
    install uv slot protectors
    and the rounded cables

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    Project - Deja Blue

    Sounding good and I'll check back later to see if there is a new update. Merry Christmas and Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project - Deja Blue

    welcome to M-I sub, i'll call you that from now on if ya dont mind??? lol well ive always liked these case but ive never ever owned one lol great to mod with though i know that much, good luck with this project and make sure u keep us updated, will keep my eye on this so waiting for the next update soon looks good so far btw, and.....whats the final specs going to be??? also....are you going to do any xtream mods to it???or is it going to be basic mods to start with??


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    Project - Deja Blue

    Update 2

    Some new equipment:
    spray cans, sanding paper:

    power drill:

    some screwdriver bores and files:

    switches, big ones and small ones:

    started by removing the usb bracket because it was blocking my engravement in the mirror, also removed the flat cables and bought me some round ones:

    here is the engraving and the uv blue slot protectors :

    old speaker cover, cut out an new fan grill:

    from the inside:

    got 6 new tribal fan guards:

    result, need to be polished, but bling bling 8) :

    the other side, spray painted the door and screwed in fan grill and fan guard:

    cut out an aluminium plate, cut a wire in half and used this for a finishing touch:

    the result, needs to be sanded and painted blue:

    bottom hd-bay drilled out:

    cut out shape in card board to cover the dvd bay:

    the flames i drew in photoshop, copied onto card board and cut out:">
    what it will look like:

    kicked out the fan brackets because the held most of the uv blue light, drilled some holes and installed the fan, fan will be placed on plexi anyway so this is temporary:

    My super-cool mousepad, this will be covered in blauw cloth

    By Night: not to bad

    Case by day: (cables need sleeving, but that's for later)

    By Night:

    Mirror mod and uv-slot protectors:


    rounded cables and uv-blue fan:

    total picture

    Totaalbeeld of my desk @ night:

    total spended money on modding stuff: 20€


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    Project - Deja Blue

    Thats great work, and a good price too

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    Project - Deja Blue

    Mighty fine looking flames you have there. This is really looking mighty fine sir. Mighty fine. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project - Deja Blue

    thankx guys :wink:

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