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Thread: Project: Ghost of the Red Baron: AIRBRUSHED MURAL!! (side1)

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    Project: Ghost of the Red Baron: AIRBRUSHED MURAL!! (side1)

    Over my holiday break I decided to catch up on my own projects that were shelved while I concentrated customer projects. One of these personal projects was "the Ghost of the Red Baron" I've always loved the box artwork on Dynamix's Red Baron flight simulator game. (1990)

    I'd like to twist this painting and imagine Manfred Von Richthofen's ghost is coming back for revenge!

    For fun, I made this "Fokker DR1" inspired blueprint for the case mod

    The case I've used is my all time favorite, the AMS CF-1009 gtower. You've probally seen this case used in my past projects here in my worklog section. I had bought several of these case after hearing that AMS has discontinued them. My mod formula, new bezel for 2x 120mm intake fans has never changed. Unfortunately AMS no longer makes this case.

    CoolTechnica is the only e-retailor I've found that has them in stock, here

    Why I liked this case.

    1. You can remove the 2 piece acrylic bezel and plate for cutting fan holes.
    2. LED and PWR/RESET buttons are screwed in versus glued
    3. The 7 HD cage is removable. (+ 3, 3.5 bays = 11 HDs mounts)
    4. It can be modified to accomondate modify Front and Rear 120 fans. (2x 120s in front)
    5. It's painted aluminum, not anodized so less prep work painting

    I'd still choose this case over any Lian Li or Coolermaster for modding. The simplistic plain jane design makes it a great blank canvas
    , plus it's sturdy!

    The clear acrylic bezel and alum backing plate are fastened on with 6 large flathead screws.

    The CF1009 arrvies with 2 puny 80mm intake fans. There is a lot of wasted real estate in the front of this chassis. As soon as you remove the front aluminum backing plate, you can visualize 2x 120mm intake fans.

    The rear of the CF1009 has 2x 80mm exhaust fans above PSU and 1x 120mm exhaust fan
    One of the biggest complaints about the CF1009 was the lack of a removable Motherboard tray. A removable MB trays are nice, but I've been building PCs before the case aftermarket exploded, so I've grown accustomed to cases without them.

    My first task was to make a new mounting plate for 2x 120mm intake fans. I grab my trusty Jigsaw with 18 TPI cutting blade and remove the front mounting wall in the chassis.

    You can breath in plent of air now.. lol! ...Ok, I better make you a new mounting plate ..heh

    The new front mounting plate will be cut from 20 gauge sheet metal.
    Here, I'm using a measuring Square.

    To attach the new front plate, I used 1/8" pop rivet fasteners.

    I'm measuring out the location for two 120mm intake fans. These 120mm wire fan guards will make great templates for tracing my fan hole & screw locations.

    To make my 120mm fan holes, I use my Greenlee Knock out Punch.
    This is the most efficiant means for cutting a clean, flawless hole.

    More information about Greenlee knock Punch
    Greenlee part # 730EBB-120 Last time I inquired, they were around $450 in the states + Large 3/4" socket wrench, and 2" socket. I wouldn't use anything less than 19" long socket wrench. Estimated purchase price of $550 new.

    I first make pilot hole with a 1.5" hole saw attachment that allows me to fit the shaft of the Greenlee Knockout Punch

    The shaft of the Greenlee Punch goes through 1.5" pilot hole. The threaded circular (stationary) cutting blade is pulled inward as you tighten the socket wrench.

    The new 2x 120mm fan holes are made. The fan mounting holes were cut in a similar fashion with with a Roper Whitney Hand punch.

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    Project: Ghost of the Red Baron: AIRBRUSHED MURAL!! (side1)

    I've always liked having handles on cases.

    The top will have a recessed handle. At the time I performed this mod, I found some professional cabinet speaker handles at a local surplus store (they're gone now)

    This is the closest handle I could find available today, Amazon

    I first traced a template of the two handle openings, then traced those openings onto the top case panel. I cut out the openings and used DP-190 ScotchWeld to fasten the recessed handle to the bottom of the top panel. In this photo, I'm using PPG Red Spot Putty to fill in the gap between the handle and top panel.

    The top panel and handle after sanding the factory paint with 400 grit sandpaper

    Wetsanding 4 coats of SEM brand "self etching primer" (Brown)

    Painting guide on giving this case a Black Gloss Enamel finish with aerosol cans

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    Project: Ghost of the Red Baron: AIRBRUSHED MURAL!! (side1)

    Looking good

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    Project: Ghost of the Red Baron: AIRBRUSHED MURAL!! (side1)

    Wow, I'm keeping my eye on this mod. I too like the Red Baron but my game was on the Commodore 64. It's been awhile since I played it. 1998. I'll try and be patient while waiting for the next update. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project: Ghost of the Red Baron: AIRBRUSHED MURAL!! (side1)

    Nice start and way cool theme. I'll be watching this one as well.

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    Project: Ghost of the Red Baron: AIRBRUSHED MURAL!! (side1)

    Coolness, really like the handle and theme.

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    Project: Ghost of the Red Baron: AIRBRUSHED MURAL!! (side1)

    I love the handle, but it looks like it might give some clearance issues to a longer power supply... cant wait to see more.

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    Project: Ghost of the Red Baron: AIRBRUSHED MURAL!! (side1)

    Looking Great

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    Project: Ghost of the Red Baron: AIRBRUSHED MURAL!! (side1)

    This is looking great, super job so far.


    There are 80mm fans above the ps - you can see in the 4th image down.

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    Project: Ghost of the Red Baron: AIRBRUSHED MURAL!! (side1)

    Yeah, i noticed that after i posted... Thanks.

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