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Thread: hello everybody!

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    hello everybody!


    i'm bluepencil and am new here at this site...

    and heck i just finished my first mod... just installed 2 exhaust fun... and tomorrow i'll try to put a switch on these extra fans...

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    hello everybody!

    Hey hey, welcome to the site

    Everything starts with small and grows into big.. in our case (not not PC chassis :P), that's modding

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    hello everybody!

    Welcome and it sounds like you are on your way into the world of modding.

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    hello everybody!

    Gotta warn ya, it's addicting!!! lol

    Welcome to M-I

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    hello everybody!

    Welcome to modders-inc, we're happy to have you. It's good to start small, that way you don't kill your $xxx case and/or get way over your head.

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