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Thread: Help, I think I screwed up.

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    Help, I think I screwed up.

    Well I finally got all the Items for my project and Installed it all and did a little wire management.
    Problem is I cant get my computer to start when I want it too, the Mobo, CPU, HD, PSU, RAM, GPU and DVD burner are all compatable and I dont believe none of them are fried because It will start, however it does it on it's own and it does it at random time's.

    I think its the on off button itself, but I have no way to test it, that or it's the battery (I'm using a Mobo from a gateway that was donated)

    Oh another thing I noticed was that the power LED would "flicker" during start up.

    Things I've tried:
    Checking the connections, all are secure and where marked before I did anything so everythings in the right place.
    I uninstalled the new hardware and put the original hardware back in but with no luck.
    I ran two diagnostic programs that came with Vista, one to check the systems health and the other to check reliability and performance and all seemed normal.

    Does anyone know what might be happening?

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    Help, I think I screwed up.

    Power supply...check your main board connections.

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    Help, I think I screwed up.

    Short the two pins that the On/Off connects to to start and stop it.

    I would probably bench test it (remove everything and connect them outside of the case.

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    Help, I think I screwed up.

    Kinda sounds like a bad connection, possibly power supply going bad or maybe in the build somehow a wire in the psu got pulled to tight and it is shorting on you. I have had that happen. Great PSU, but when I'd push a wire it would shut off. lol

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    Help, I think I screwed up.

    When it shuts off, does it officially power down, or does it just plain shut off as if you pulled the plug? If it's the former I would try replacing the power button itself, but if it's the latter I would suspect the psu.

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    Help, I think I screwed up.

    I'd try to boot the PSU up (usually the gerrn wire on the 20/24 pin connector; connect the green wire (it's specified wich wire is PS-ON on the PSUs sticker) with black and see if the fan starts up..

    I had a case that the pin for the green wire somehow didn't stick to the plastic but got out and when I kicked the case by the side, the PC blinked (fans just made 1 spin and all and LEDs blinked)
    then I took apart the connector, pushed it back in and glued it in (yep ^_^; ).. now it works

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    Help, I think I screwed up.

    I think i figured it out, that battery i was talking about whenever i take it out the computer will start if i plug it in however when i put the battery in it wont start.

    I did some research and the battery mowers a bit of memory that runs Bios which lead's me to believe the battery died and the connection gets interrupted by it ehst this has to do with the switch i dunno, but its worth spending a few dollars on a watch battery before i decide to just build a new rig entirely.

    As for the PSU I tried what you guys said but with no luck

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    Help, I think I screwed up.

    few dollars!??

    I think that battery should be somewhere around 1 dollar max
    (the price here at us is 0,75€)

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    Help, I think I screwed up.

    depending on who you go to, you can end up paying 2-5 dollars... or like 20 if you go to best buy (which fails at life). otherwise you can find them from older computers or some slim remotes.

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