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Thread: ANOTHER Pink Laptop!!???

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    ANOTHER Pink Laptop!!???

    I predicted in my first laptop paint job that it would bring more commisions, and I was right! I have another girl that wants me to paint her laptop pink. Hers is a newer toshiba, complete with a core 2 duo and a glossy screen.

    Here it is:

    Getting it apart was a bit of a pain because of the way it was made. The top and bottom snap together in addition to screws. And the keyboard comes off last, not first.

    All the pieces:

    As always, the stickers on the bottom had to go, so I removed them and cleaned off the residue with lacquer thinner. I need to follow up with denatured alcohol. I'll do that tomorrow.

    The top had a host of scratches and scuffs, so I sanded it down with first 600 and them 1000 grit. The plastic is very soft, so larger grits were not necessary. The softness is also to blame for the original scratches.

    On a side note, this laptop has a really tiny hard drive! I don't know if that's just how they make them these days, or if this is just a particularly skinny drive. It could be the difference between sata and ide drives.

    Here it is next to an ide 2.5" drive.

    Oh, and 2.5" sata drives comply with desktop sata standards, in case you didn't know. So provided you have a method of fastening it down, you can plug your laptop drive into your desktop.

    The weather has turned into a pile of dead and oozing octupi, so I haven't been able to paint it yet. Hopefully it will get better and I can start painting.

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    ANOTHER Pink Laptop!!???

    I hate pulling lappys apart, I allways seem to loose at least 2 of the screws no matter what I do with them.

    The drive looks like the new normal size mate.

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    ANOTHER Pink Laptop!!???

    Good luck with this endeavor and may I suggest to paint this one a different shade of pink, so that they can say that it's not a copy of the first project. Happy Modding to ya.

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    ANOTHER Pink Laptop!!???

    Nice! unfortunately i just had to rip somebody's laptop apart, but for a completely different reason. They spilled a glass of wine into their running lappy. Needless to say, it wasnt pretty on the inside, and it was completely fried.
    I think you should do some pink flames/stripes.... make it argyle!

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    ANOTHER Pink Laptop!!???

    darn you do have luck with girls :P (lol jk )

    yeah like fusinfun said, try to paint on some pink flames on it (darker pink or something)
    that'd look way cooler than a normal pink lappy

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    ANOTHER Pink Laptop!!???

    darn you do have luck with girls :P (lol jk )

    yeah like fusinfun said, try to paint on some pink flames on it (darker pink or something)
    that'd look way cooler than a normal pink lappy
    LOL .... so is this one going to be hot pink?

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    ANOTHER Pink Laptop!!???

    Thanks for your input guys.


    Thanks for the info on the drive, I haven't worked on laptops newer than 2003. I actually like pulling apart laptops; it's like a puzzle.

    @everyone else:

    It seems that I have to kick it up a notch this time around. I still have more than half a can of the pink I used last time, so I'd like to use that up for the base. I'm going to leave the inside all one color because it's all one piece and I want to leave the wristpads alone again. I could mask off the silver part on the inside and paint the black trim around the keyboard. Any secondary designs (flames, stripes, whatever) would be either with hot pink or black.

    As far as a pattern goes, I could do solid flames via stencil, but my lack of an airbrush and artistic talent could prevent me from doing "real" flames. I could get an airbrush, but I don't know. Actual question: How good of an artist do you need to be to make flames with an airbrush? Stripes are easy, and I'm assuming argyle was a joke :P. If I'm doing any stenciling or taping, I'll need some green tape.

    I could also make some other design of her choosing, like maybe her name or a symbol or something.
    I'm also thinking of adding a window to the ram cover, as well as some leds.

    I have to do homework today, so maybe I'll work on it tomorrow. Stupid essay.

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    ANOTHER Pink Laptop!!???

    BSL, I don't think that a windows for the RAM cover is a good idea, well it depends how hot the RAMs can get!
    I know that at my mom's Latitude D505 (DELL) RAM gets so hot that you can barely hold your hand over the cover.. Wich means if same is happening with the laptop you're gonna mod.. the plexy will melt

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    ANOTHER Pink Laptop!!???

    Alright then, maybe not :P. I was just toying with the idea, so thanks for your input.

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    ANOTHER Pink Laptop!!???

    well.... i dunno about the airbrushing, but argyle wouldnt be too hard, and if my buddies speedo can look good in pink argyle, a nice laptop cant look too bad... :lol:

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