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Thread: Iced roads and a Vet trip

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    Iced roads and a Vet trip

    Well a few days ago a car slid off the road, due to ice, and into our dog kennel, unfortunantly for our Doberman named Zeke, he was in it.

    Luckily he survived the crash but he has a cracked skull, broken ribs, a punctured lung, as well as some damaged internal organs, a broken hip and a few scratches.
    The vet say's he has a 20-30% chance of making it, and if he did make it he would probably need to be on pain killers till he died naturally, so we are debating on putting him down.

    Meanwhile I'm stuck here with a mod I barely got to work on, a future vet bill that will most likely cost a lot of money and trying to keep my wife from getting too upset over this.

    As far as my mod Right now its on hold and may end up a case mod instead of a custom case.

    Also what would be considered too soon to get a new dog? The people that crashed into the Kennel said that they would pay for half of the vet bills (me being smart got this on paper signed and dated and with a witness) and would help us locate a doberman puppy.

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    Iced roads and a Vet trip

    Sorry to hear about your dog buddy. I'd think that the peoples insurance would probably have to pay all the damages and even the vet bill for the dog. Might want to check with your homeowners insurance agent and possibly an attorney.

    A for the puppy hunt, that would be dependent on whether you yourself feel comfortable bring in a new puppy. There is no real time frame for adjusting to a loss. It might however, help you and your wife adjust a bit more quickly to the loss, as you would have to focus a great deal of your time and attention on the new puppy. Hope this is helpful.

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    Iced roads and a Vet trip

    That's really horrible to hear, I would hate to loose my dog. I don't really know about insurance or whatever, but it's good that he's paying the bills. As far as getting a new dog, that really depends on how attached you or your wife were to the dog. About 8 years ago my parent's 14-year-old dog died, and my mom treated it like her daughter. She was really tore up, and it took like 3-4 years before she could get another dog. Just do what feels right.

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    Iced roads and a Vet trip

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I had a Chow that slipped on ice and broke her hip and we had to put her down because the Vet said that he would most likely break her other hip trying to fix the first one. The dog had a genetic hip disorder which is common for Chows. The persons insurance should cover all of your losses and medical bills but at the same time it's hard to say because some insurance will only cover humans and not pets. Hope you get this taken care of soon so that you can start healing from your loss. Don't worry about the mod and our prayers are with you and yours. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Iced roads and a Vet trip

    Sorry to hear about your loss mate. Personaly i would look to taking on another doggy as soon as possible. It will focus the mind in a more positive way And there allways dogs looking for love somewhere...

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    Iced roads and a Vet trip

    The guy driving the car said he would pay for half of the vet bills? Excuse me but he's 100% to blame so in my opinion he pays for all of it. I'm an animal lover so stories like this really get to me.

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