Ok, most people mod the case then have the airbrushing done. Well, I will be backwards this time. lol I hooked up with this guy from Fla named Dana Lind who happens to be an airbrush artist and paint and body man. Well, he had this case on Ebay for sale, we worked out a swap and are talking future case modding and painting. Long story short, I will start with a case that has most most all the painting done to begin with. It will be a challenge to come up with things to do to it without messing up the paint.

On top of the Coarse Aluminum Metalic (Silver Metalic.) auto paint is the airbrushed image of a Call Of Duty soldier ripping through rusty steel panels. Great attention was given to the gun and the soldier. Then Dana applied 10-12 coats of high build highly polished Urethane Polyester Clear Coat. Wet sanded between each coat and polished out to a mirror like finish. Not Bad at all.

Now to decide what direction to start in. The chassis will of course be taken apart and painted, fan holes cut out etc. hmmm.