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Thread: I know its not a computer but....

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    I know its not a computer but....

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    I know its not a computer but....

    wow not bad
    xenons, parking sensors, cd multichanger.. I think you need a turbine and a chip.. lol just kidding
    you definitely have to put led scanners in front
    that would look awesome but then again... the hand of law..

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    I know its not a computer but....

    check the engine first of all, unless youve already done so, um check the spark plugs, fuel pump, oil (i'd suggest changing it and the filter too), check the air filter and change if needed, I'd probably run a fuel injection cleaner too (if you live in a populated area take it to a auto shop because there will be a lot of smoke) check the coolant, and the brakes too.

    Also try to learn more about the car like whats been replaced/fixed already and when. Make sure you write it down too.

    If you want better performance add a cold air intake and better spark plugs, not only will it add a little bit of extra power, it'll help with gas mileage too

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    I know its not a computer but....

    Cool! That seems like a bunch of miles, though. Don't really know what to suggest as I don't know much about cars. I know that modding cars devalues them, though.

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    I know its not a computer but....

    @ Testament I did a thorough check of the car before I comitted to it. I even took a good lungful of exhaust gas to check for oil burning. The car feels solid to drive with no strange noises vibrations or feelings. The car has not been modded (allways a good sign).

    @ BSL The milage is actually in KM's as its a Jap import, so about 90,000+ miles.

    EEeeeeeeeeeeee I cant wait till friday!!

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    I know its not a computer but....

    Well all I have to say then is GJ, a few of the guys and girls I know that buy used cars are morons and just give the car's body and interior a look and never check the vital's of the car and then a few week's later it breaks down on them.

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    I know its not a computer but....

    good luck... im not knowledgeable enough (yet) to feel safe being the 7th owner of a car.

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    I know its not a computer but....

    Ok, I went to collect the car today and to say the very least it was NOT as described in the listing.

    Here is what I have reported to EBay:



    Ok, I clicked the "Buy it now" button, and got the cash together and paid £67 to take the ferry and train to go and collect the car after a full nights work. When I got to the location, the seller arrived with the car.

    1. The car was filthy; I mean that it smelled like the inside of a cattle shed. (I don’t really mind this, but it is a matter of public decency). It wasn’t mentioned in the listing.

    2. The car's drivers door had a 2/2" hole cut into the edge of the door (also not mentioned in the listing).

    3. When I asked the seller about taxing the car, he said that is no problem as he has dealer's insurance (isn’t this against EBay rules due to the way that it was listed?)

    4. There were a lot of what looked like screwdriver marks on the inside of doors on the upholstery that also weren’t mentioned.

    This whole episode has put me out of pocket by £134:00 just to go and see the state of the car.

    I am concerned that this seller will try and dupe another buyer with the same low tactics.

    Thank you for your time, and a wonderful auction site,



    I aint a happy teddy today

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    I know its not a computer but....

    Ow man!

    that definitely sucks.. I had a bad feeling that this car had changed 6 owners already.. ouch

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    I know its not a computer but....

    Oh jeez, that sucks. That has happened to a lot of people that I know, and not just with eBay.

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