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Thread: How should I cut side window

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    How should I cut side window

    Heya everyone.
    I'm planning on doing my first mod, a small mod it may turn out to be, not sure yet. I am going to buy a CM stacker case, have some nice parts in it with watercooling. I want to cut a side window in it, at least one. *maybe I'll cut the top and the other side a bit * I want to know a few things.
    1) Will using a jigsaw really spead the process up a lot? Is it worth going out and buying one? How much quicker will the process go compared to the dremel I have? Mind linking me to a good jigsaw that doesn't cost much at all?
    2) How many jigsaw blades would I go through? I'm not to familiar with jigsaws, I used a table jigsaw last year in class, but that's it. This would have to be a hand held i think.
    3) Can somone link me to a site w/ plexi glass?
    4) I'm going to be painting the whole case black, inside and out. The outside is silver/grey, should I paint right over it or sand the old paint off? How can I get a very glossy look?
    5) What are some cool small mods I can do inside of the case, besides wire management and such.
    6) I want to spray paint my case fans, how should I go about doing this, should I just prime/paint ooor do I need to somehow take the fan off so the paint doesn't clog anything? How do I do this?
    7) I also want to add a LCD to my case window, a small one of course, but not to small. I would like it to be a few inches by a few inches I guess. If I could get it to show my score when I'm playing cs s taht would be badass .


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    How should I cut side window

    WOW lots of

    I may not be able to get to them all but I know other will help...

    1) Yes a jigsaw will help speed up the process, but the real questions is how much would use it after this mod?
    spending a few buck on it will be a good investment for sure as you will go thru a lot of dremel blades and it may come close to half the price of a decent Jigsaw.

    2) One blade is all you need to cut your hole and it can be used over and over again...I think I have some blades that are older than my

    3) I pass for know

    4) It is best to sand off as much as possible of the old paint, then put a few coats of primers, wet sand it and then paint your color on it. Put a base coat of paint on let it dry completely, add a second coat and let it dry. Take some super fine grit "wet and dry" sandpaper use lots of water and lightly sand the paint. Apply another coat of paint, repeat the "we sanding". Do this until you get a few coats of paint. Now do the same with your clear coat. This is where you will start to see the deep glossy paint job. The final step it to use polishing compound to buff out the last coat od clear.

    5) Paint the inside to...

    6) Try to tape of the area under the middle of the fan, where the gap is. This will keep the paint from getting into them motor. Use a paint that is made to be used on plastics.

    I hope this helped you on your questions :wink:

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    How should I cut side window

    Thanks much! Ya missed question number 7 though.
    For an lcd, I meant something like this:
    I see the power plug but what's the other plug? Does that go from my video card back *where hte montior plugs in* to the the lcd plug?

    Would I be able to display my cs s stats on that lcd while I was playing and didn't have it up on my main monitor? Anyone know a cheaper lcd? :P

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    How should I cut side window

    composite video signal (RCA) supplied to it
    It would be the yellow RCA jack on the back of your video card (you may or may not have one)

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    How should I cut side window

    Yeah, I have that all cleared up. Now, I need an lcd screen. Anyone know of one like that one in the link but less expensive? I looked at hte how to from cmg and I couldn't find that lcd anywhere, checked pc express and performance pcs.
    BTW, I've decided not to go w/ SLI, it doesn't support duel monitors.

    SPecial blend gave me a good idea, he suggested that if I had xfire up on the smaller lcd while I was playing cs s it may be able to show my score, anyone know if this will work/how will it work?

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    How should I cut side window

    On painting your fans, try wrapping a pipecleaner around the base of the fan blades, in the gap, to help keep the paint out, and use vinyl dye to paint them. You can get it at most any auto store, works just like regular spraypaint, but is amazing when it comes to coloring plastic, like dvd-rom faceplates.

    Hope that helps

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    How should I cut side window

    Thanks for the tip .
    Now, anyone mind linking me to some lcd screens? I can't find any...

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    How should I cut side window

    Ok this is my highly informative response. :mrgreen:

    But a jigsaw is best for cutting a window that doesnt have a whole lot of detail i think... but if you have a bunch of tight curves and stuff then dremel would be best. you can pick up a jigsaw for like $20.

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    How should I cut side window

    Ok, thanks much. I think I'll go w/ a jig saw, cutting out a square window *not because I'm lazy, I like the look , and it will look well on the top if I do it as well.

    Now...about that lcd screen.., links?

    Ok, I found my lcd screen.

    Now, I have one more question...for now :P.

    What would be the best, safest way *not warrenty wise, part wise* to paint my PSU. It's a antec smart power 2.0, 500Watt PSU. Grey...I want to paint it black. Anyone know?

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    How should I cut side window

    I have read on many modding sites how a rotary tool is better than a jigsaw for this and that. The rotary tool, specifically the Dremel, has become the modder's icon -- the idol worshiped by so many who aspire to have their creations grace websites and computer enthusiast magazines world wide.

    Pure bunk.

    Yes, a rotary tool is an excellent addition to your tool box as a modder. It has many uses, but like some may ask about the jigsaw, nibbler and a host of other tools a modder uses, what good is it after the mod is complete? Well, if you are at all handy and creative, you find many uses for any one of these tools for years to come. Okay, maybe not years, since another favorite suggestion of many would-be modders is "get a cheap one".

    Sure, you can find a $20.00 jigsaw -- and a rotary tool, nibbler and lots of other cheap power tools. If you want the tool to last longer than one or 2 mods, maybe even be able to lend it to a friend you've initiated into the modding world, think about investing in a quality tool. In my 56 years, I've accumulated a lot of tools, for business, home repairs and hobbies. The best power tools I have were not bought at bargain basement prices and have lasted for years of regular use. They are an investment, not just a solution to a temporary situation.

    As someone who has modded more than one component, I figger I could do without a rotary tool better than I could do without a jigsaw. Those who say a jigsaw will not do corners as well as a Dremel prob'ly have not very much experience with either. A rotary tool has many bits, but the primary cutting bit is the reinforced bit.

    If you compare the edge of the bit to a jigsaw bit, you will see that the rotary bit is actually longer and less capable of making turns. In fact, if you do try to make a turn with it after diving into a sheet of material, you will break the bit. Without protective eye wear, you could put your eye out with the shattering bits. To be sure, many a modder has taken the time and has the skill to etch and cut some fanciful designs into metal and plastics with a rotary tool. But it's also true that the same work can be accomplished with a jigsaw. You will, of course, have to have a starter hole, and because of that, the rotary tool has the advantage, but my point is that the Dremel is not the end-all, be-all tool that so many modders have lifted it to.

    The rotary tool is not something I would want to be without and I don't want you to think I have discounted its use in modding. It's a wonderful tool, but it has its limitations, as does any tool. If your desire is just to be a cool modder, then by all means, go out and get yourself a Dremel. But if your desire is to produce a project using the best tools for the job at hand, then sit down and plan your project and decide what tools you'll need to do the job. When it's a toss-up, ask yourself which of the tool options will give you the best bang for your bucks over the long haul -- not just for modding a case, but for being able to handle a wide range of tasks at work and around the house. I think you'll end up with a whole bunch of great tools in time.

    It's pretty old, but I think it's still relevant. I have a case cutting guide on my website HERE. That was my first project and it doesn't involve any fancy twists and turns, but it's basic and I hope it helps.


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