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    Project: Cell

    A couple of months ago my biology class was tasked with making a model of an animal cell. Most kids do this with a cake or jello or something, but I, being me, made it out of aluminum.

    I used the scroll saw to cut out all of the little organelles, and then I filed off the edges, drilled holes, and attached them to the cell using 6-32 screws and cap nuts. Everyone was pretty confused when it was my turn to present (most of all the teacher), and I made sure to mention that my father had not helped me with it at all. The teacher didn't really know what she was looking at, and she actually liked another girl's custom cell t-shirt better. All that girl did was pay a t-shirt company to make it for her. Baaahh. Whatever. I like mine better. If I had more time I would have liked to put frosted plexi under the organelles and light it with leds, but I was rushed. It is currently in her classroom among other non-edible projects, so I can't really work on it anymore. Hope you like it!

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    Project: Cell

    .... wait. wheres the vacuole?

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    Project: Cell

    Vacuoles are in Plant cells me thinks

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    Project: Cell

    Oh man I barely remember what this is all about, I didn't have biology or chemistry since 8th class.. ouch (3 years now)..

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    Project: Cell

    When you do get it back then you can finish it with the LEDs and such. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project: Cell

    The vacuole is one of the little circles on the left. I don't think that I will be getting it back: it's in the examples department for eternity.

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    Project: Cell

    Taking that and instead os multiple layers of aluminum, cutting windows with plexi and lighting them with led's might look cool on the side of a case mod.

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    Project: Cell

    Lol!! I thought cells had bars... or is that hotels?


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    Project: Cell

    Thanks guys. Even though I graduated last year, I went back to my old high school to visit (and fix computers), and I didn't see it in the biology room. If I go again I'll ask for it back, as my vision of it being a permanent fixture in the room was apparently inaccurate .

    @gamicon: That was part of the original concept, but I only had like 4 days to do it in. If I get it back and have time I'll make it into a computer. I may strap it on to an existing case, or I may build a lumpy sff using it as the top/side. I have like 5 projects going right now, so I may just shelve it for a couple years.

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