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Thread: OCM Comp: Project Welcome to Rapture

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    OCM Comp: Project Welcome to Rapture

    Telegram 1: Welcome to Rapture

    Rapture, an underwater dystopian city. Secretly built in 1946 on the mid-Atlantic seabed, Rapture was entirely self-sufficient and powered by submarine volcanoes. Constructed by business magnate Andrew Ryan, Rapture was envisioned as the solution to what he saw as increasingly oppressive political and religious authority and populated by those Ryan believed exemplified the best in humanity; as revealed in an audio log, Ryan wanted to create an "Eden", a concept furthered by the resources ADAM and EVE, which are named after the biblical inhabitants of Eden. During the early 1950s, Rapture's population peaked at several thousand, though an elite emerged, discomforting many of the inhabitants.

    The development of "ADAM", stem cells created from a species of sea slug, by Dr. Bridgette Tennenbaum, further upset the social balance. ADAM's prevalence greatly accelerated genetic engineering research, creating a plasmid industry that sold everything from a cure for male pattern baldness to skills like telekinesis, with non-passive types like the latter requiring a serum, "EVE." In order to improve ADAM yields, Rapture scientists created the "Little Sisters", young girls with the slug embedded in their bodies. Although initially just ADAM "factories", during the war which later broke out they were repurposed via mental conditioning to extract ADAM from the dead and process it within themselves. At the same time the scientists created "Big Daddies", armed and highly-enhanced humans in diving suits, to defend the Little Sisters as they worked.

    For several years, Rapture was what Ryan originally intended it to be: a paradise of freedom and wealth. But ultimately, the very reason it was created—Ryan's paranoia about world authorities—caused the city's downfall, and the ideals Ryan had envisaged to be corrupted and lost. To keep Rapture a secret Ryan forbade outside contact, and, as a result, a black market in smuggled goods sprang up. This market came to be dominated by former mobster Frank Fontaine, who, unlike Ryan, wanted control over Rapture as well as money. His wealth, combined with his monopoly on Tennenbaum's research, soon gained Fontaine enough power and followers to challenge Ryan for control of the city. In late 1958, Ryan lost patience with the conflict, and apparently had Fontaine killed—an action that proved useless, as another figure, Atlas, took Fontaine's place as the leader of the opposition. On New Year's Eve that year, Atlas and his ADAM-augmented followers fomented a riot involving the lower and upper classes. This sparked a civil war between Ryan and Atlas that eventually spread to all of Rapture, crippling the city. As the war progressed, Ryan began to betray his ideals. The former advocate of reason and self-determination began using torture and mind control in his battle with Atlas. Eventually, he became so unreasonable that a number of his supporters attempted to assassinate him. By the time the player enters Rapture, only the "Splicers," citizens with severe mental and physical problems caused by excessive ADAM use, are left, scavenging throughout the city. The remaining non-mutated humans have managed to barricade themselves in the few remaining undamaged areas.

    It was not impossible to build Rapture at the bottom of the sea. It was impossible to build it anywhere else.
    This is the worklog of my modding project entry for the OzCaseModz...
    OCM Modding Competition 2007/08

    Proudly sponsored by...]

    If you are an Australian resident, you're welcome to join in!
    Note: The inclusion of the above sponsor ads and link to the OzCaseModz 'official' competition page are a condition of entry. Failure to comply could result in disqualification.

    Hello everybody and welcome to my work log for the Oz Case Modz Modding Competition. My Project will be themed around the game Bioshock. Throughout the production of this case you will learn of the city of rapture and its secretes. This case will be entered into the On the Cheap category.

    An overviw of Telegrams 1, 2, 3 and 4 can be seen in the blow Youtube Video.


    We will begin by having a look at some concept art for things that may appear on the case. First of lets have a look at some of the technology which may appear on the case.

    Going back into the 1940, 50's and early 60's the Art Deco styles were in fashion and featured on buildings, clothing and transport. Lets take a look at some of the architectural styles which will appear on the case.

    Well thats it for now, until more artifacts are recovered from the now dead underwater city, goodbye.


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    OCM Comp: Project Welcome to Rapture

    Telegram 2: Front Panel Designs have been Discovered:

    Well Guys, I just received these, they where taken from an office inside Rapture. The Office is believed to be that of Andrew Ryan who was the leader of rapture. Included are some shots from where these remains where found. The front panel designs.

    The Designs.

    And an original shot of the office was found, here it is to show what the office looked like in its original state.

    Thats it for now.


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    OCM Comp: Project Welcome to Rapture

    Telegram 3: The Argument

    Well, after a long heated argument with the diver who was getting me
    the designs from inside Rapture, it seems I will not be getting
    anymore, so this is the last design i will be getting.

    I have a new diver now, but he won't be able to get me the last
    bit as he is not experienced as much as
    my old diver and cannot go as deep.

    So here is the right side panel.

    Sorry for the quality, the paper is in very bad condition.


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    OCM Comp: Project Welcome to Rapture

    Telegram 4: It Arrives

    Well, today, i was sitting at my desk, doing nothing in particular when a hear a knock on the door.
    I answer it, no one is there, just a big white box.
    I brought it inside and opened it up, it was the case,
    the last one left. Fresh from the stockiest, it was a very
    early model, probably very similar to the ones used in Rapture.
    This is the base of my project, to take this and turn it
    into something which might be found in Rapture today.

    Here are some pictures I took.

    Doing some brainstorming, matches the theme, i think something like
    this may appear on the case.

    Well thats it for now, later today i might begin some work on it.


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    OCM Comp: Project Welcome to Rapture

    Telegram 5: Splicer Attack

    Splicers, The remains of Rapture's human population, they are the result of a planned attack by Atlas (Fontaine) on New Year's Day, 1959 to end the civil war between him and Ryan. They apparently murdered the sane population. Many of them still wear Masquerade Ball masks, and Atlas asks, "I wonder why they wear masks? Maybe it's because they have a shred of humanity left, and they're ashamed of what they've become." Apparently due to the biological weapons attack, they have become biologically dependent on ADAM to survive. Wandering the corridors and the tunnels of Rapture, they search for ADAM, usually in the form of Little Sisters, which often puts them at odds with their Big Daddy.

    Splicers tend to wear very little armor, if any, but they have advanced physical strength and tend to be extremely aggressive in contrast to the calmer Big Daddys. They will sometimes work in groups, use plasmids and sometimes even play dead to get the advantage on the player. They attack using plasmids, Guns or slashing at things with there hands which have developed into mutated claws.
    A Typical Splicer.

    The Front panel of this case is going to be made to look like as if it was a door to somewhere a splicer wanted to go.
    It will be attacked, shot at and sheared. But overall the splicer would not have been able to gain entry.

    First of all, this is the front panel i began with.

    Then using the rotary tool I re-created the Splicers Rip in the panel.

    Using the rotary tool with i cut of disk i roughed up the edges of the tear
    as if was really ripped, i also did other random bits on the front panel.

    Then using the drill and the same roughing technique made with the rotary tool i added some bullet holes.
    This can be seen in the video Worklog update I made.


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    OCM Comp: Project Welcome to Rapture

    Telegram 6: Art Deco Look

    Today i was contacted by an old man that claimed to have done
    all of the leather work in the original city of rapture.
    He supplied me with all original designs and sketches oh how all
    the leather work was set out. Using this I decided to re create
    an old Art Deco leather feel on the top section of the front panel.

    For those who don't like reading I also have a video worklog
    of this update. (Click the You Tube Video below to watch)

    First of all I measured up the leather look vinyl which I got
    from Spot Light for $4.

    Then using some Bostik Contact Grip adhesive and a bit of
    help from my Dad a began to stick the leather look vinyl onto
    the front panel.

    I then trimmed it back and tidied it up using a very sharp
    razor blade.

    Once the Glue was dry i attached some carved wooden
    molding which I made earlier using the rotary tool.

    Well, thats all I have for now, cheers

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    OCM Comp: Project Welcome to Rapture

    Telegram 7: Tiny Details tell the story.

    With science being unrestricted by, according to Ryan, a "petty morality," inhabitants of Rapture could explore paths previously deemed immoral or too controversial to follow. One of the major breakthroughs achieved in Rapture was the creation of Plasmids, from ADAM, a substance created by a deep sea parasite. Essentially, processed ADAM created stem cells in its host which allowed new genetic material to be 'spliced' into the DNA of the host. However, drawbacks were later encountered by excessive splicing (mainly during and after the civil war) among common citizens of Rapture, such as cellular mutation involving permanent brain and physical damage.

    On December 31, 1958, a massive riot of the working class citizens was led by Atlas upon higher class locations, such as the Kashmir Restaurant. This action was most likely done not just to begin a civil war in Rapture, but possibly to intimidate Ryan's administration as well. Despite prior conflicts with Fontaine's corrupt smuggling and plasmid industry, this blow definitively marked the end of Rapture as a functioning society.
    Well A few minor details which contribute too the overall final look of the mod have started or completed.

    First of all for those who can't be bothered reading I have a video update, not that much video content in this one, only one small thing on top of the actual written log.

    Heres the Youtube Video, please don't forget to comment.

    I got a little bored working on the front panel and decided to some work to the chassis and start marking everything out.

    First i cut the 80mm fan grill on the front panel out and mounted an 80mm ZALMAN fan. This fan blows ALOT of air and keeps up with most high end 120mm fans on CFM rating.

    I then cut a 120mm hole on the back panel and two smaller holes.
    These smaller holes are for the barbs of the radiator which was going to be mounted here

    I then mounted the Radiator and fan.

    Once i had cut all the fan holes I then began work on the right side panel, Using the jigsaw, I cut a ring from MDF which will look like a port hole.

    After i sanded it i primed it.

    I then began painting the ride side panel with a mural of the BIG DADDY.

    The ring will go around this. I still have many more layers of paint to go with this so it will look very different when finished.

    Well now i have started alot of differant things all over the case i plan to get them done.

    Hopefully i will get some paint I ordered which will give a real metal aging look.

    Well thats it for now.


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    OCM Comp: Project Welcome to Rapture

    Telegram 8: The Grill (Video Worklog 4)

    For those who want to see a bit more detail or can't be bothered reading (Or want to watch me make a fool out of myself) I have made a Video Worklog of this update.


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    OCM Comp: Project Welcome to Rapture

    Telegram 8: The Grill

    Hey Guys, The City of Rapture is located at the bottom of the ocean, these means it can get very stuffy and an artificial weather exists. Because of this, a state of the art (for the 1950's) ducting system was introduced. Many grill can be seen throughout the city. Today I am recreating one of these art deco style grills on the roof of the case.

    As my diver has been in the city again he has brought back many photo's of what the grills used look like. I had a grill made up for the recreation of this case. Whilst he was down there he also found out more about the story of the lives from the people who lived there.

    Here are some words from my diver
    I have spent a lot of time in the city, reading old diary entries and trying to figure out the story of those who lived there. I have found out some time after the 1959/1960 New Years Eve riots (where the city fell into chaos) a plane crashed near the entrance to the city, there was only one survivor. I am yet to find out what happened to him, but I do know he made it into the city.
    When i here more information about the story of this city i will write it down.

    I began to create an Art Deco look on the top panel by adding a layered affect using some MDF. Using the Jigsaw I cut two pieces of MDF for the top panel which would be layered.

    Once this was done I rounded the edges and used some spray putty to get them nice a smooth.

    I then stuck the two pieces of wood together using some very strong glue and primed them and got the piece ready to cut the middle out of.

    I got a ducted heating grill from Bunnings which i will use only the grill from, so i pulled the shutter section from it so i just ended up with the grill.

    I then cut a hole in the top panel which will be a big exhaust vent for the heat to escape from. I cut this hole using a rotary tool.

    I then cut a whole a bit smaller in the MDF piece I had constructed and glued and screed it to the top panel.

    Then i applied some mesh to the under side of the grill and attached it to the top panel using some silicon.
    Once this was all done I primed the chassis and top panel ready for painting.

    Painting will commence in the next update, If anyone has any question I'd be glad to answer them.


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    OCM Comp: Project Welcome to Rapture

    Telegram 9: How old is that Chassis? (Video Worklog 5)

    Once again for this update i have a video which goes more in depth into the mod and has alot more details explained. So if you can't be bothered reading or would like to know more, check it out.


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