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Thread: Von Dutch Tribute Computer Case

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    Von Dutch Tribute Computer Case

    Kenny Howard (aka Von Dutch) 1929-1992 was considered the father of modern pinstriping. By the mid-1950s Kenny ground breaking striping style was highly sought after by hot rodders to have their cars "Dutched". Kenny's most popular image was the "flying eyeball" He also influenced the emerging custom car designer/builders George Barris and Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Dutch's influence has pierced case mod culture as well. Mnpctech's painter, Brad Galvin pays homage to Dutch by pinstriping a new Lian Li computer case.

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    Von Dutch Tribute Computer Case

    That Brad sure has a steady hand and not to mention that he's damn good painter. Thanks for sharing with us this high quality painter. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Von Dutch Tribute Computer Case

    I'd like to have a hand that steady. Unfortunately, mine shake like I'm about to kiss a girl on a first date when I start trying to do something that requires a steady hand. lol Funny how that works huh. Very nice work indeed and nice tribute.

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    Von Dutch Tribute Computer Case

    You bet guys! Thanks for posting your feedback!

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    Von Dutch Tribute Computer Case

    lol Xcalibur
    well, I yet have to experience that so.. hehe

    the case looks simply awesome
    such a simple design to look at but the case as a whole.. WoW
    Good job

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    Von Dutch Tribute Computer Case

    I too do not have the steadiest hand, but you can guess that by the shakiness of my pictures. :P

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    Von Dutch Tribute Computer Case

    yep, I was in a good mood that day :P (every line its own smiley hehe)

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