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Thread: Project: Altimit Mine OS

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    Project: Altimit Mine OS

    First off this isnt the actual mod but a small part of it that I can do with without any supplies, the rest of the mod will start when it gets warmer out and its nicer to work in my garage.

    Now the idea for this mod came from and is based on an OS from an anime/game called .hack// (Dot Hack)
    "At the beginning of the 21st Century there were multiple computer operating systems in use worldwide. One of these was ALTIMIT OS. Created by a small American company based in San Francisco, it seemed that ALTIMIT would never reach the popularity of the larger operating systems. However, a single event would completely change the destiny of the company.
    That event was Pluto's Kiss. On December 24th, 2005 a virus created by a hacker from Los Angeles shut down the entire internet for 77 minutes and invaded computer's in the US, either shutting them down or altering data within them. The results were catastrophic; traffic lights shut down, planes collided in midair, and the United State's nuclear missiles were nearly launched. ALTIMIT was the only OS that had not been affected by the disaster, and later studies showed that the OS was constructed in such a way as to make it nearly immune to all known computer viruses. These two things were enough to convince most of the world that ALTIMIT was a perfect OS, making it the most widely sold operating system worldwide. With profits soaring, ALTIMIT went global, opening offices across the planet."

    So far I've made my computer as secure as I possibly could from both unwanted programs and even other people

    Here I'll show some things I've done to make it secure from other people, the first thing I did was make what desktop icons i had Invisible(not really but they blend in so good you'd never be able to tell) Ignore the MSN window, I was testing my wife to see if she could find them, she did manage to find MSN but thats all. Here's a screen shot showing the recycle bin and a folder I was using for testing, after that I made the file blend in with the center of that circle into a power off "button" for quick access should I ever need to get off ASAP.

    Now for some reason imageshack(i prefer to use it for hosting my large pictures) wont cooperate so I have no more screens at the moment but heres what I've done so far.
    I've moved the task bar to the right side of the screen and used the auto hide feature(a not too common place as most people leave theirs on the bottom)
    I found sounds from the game and replaced the sounds of windows with those from the game.
    Changed my mouse pointer to something that blended in a bit more.
    Installed various security tools.

    As for the case I haven't even decided what case I'll use or what to do with it, other than place the Altimit Mine OS name on it, as well as recreating the original Altimit background on the sidepanel using colored plexi cut out in the various shapes.

    Now another thing I plan on doing is installing a laptop harddrive with a external hard drive kit into an older keyboard, my only problem with that is either my pc will need to be moved to my left side for it to work, or I need a longer cord because the one supplied is only 1 foot long and would barely work
    I'm also debating on getting one of those finger print scanners, but i think it would annoy me too much.

    Oh also for those that would like to know how I removed the text from the Recycle bin what you do is select the rename option pres Alt+255, now to do it with multiple icons you have to add an extra 255 each time you do it

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    Project: Altimit Mine OS

    Interesting. Will be neat to see where this leads you. Also, good tip on the text removal.

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    Project: Altimit Mine OS

    Very interesting, you've sparked my interest so I'll be back to see how this turns out. Thanks for sharing. Happy Modding to ya.

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