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Thread: test drive 6 video

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    test drive 6 video

    i have test drive 6 for pc and decided to make a little video i know i know i cant drive but plz take a look its only 4 mbs

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    test drive 6 video

    lol cool. nice music too. i think ill downloads the demo for that game, looks like fun

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    test drive 6 video

    its an old game origionaly debuted on the psx so i dont know where u would be able to find the demo

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    test drive 6 video

    i found it on google, its pretty cool bad graphics and stuff, but who cares? its fun!

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    test drive 6 video

    sweet i bought the game at an flea market a while back for 3 bucks for pc lol

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    test drive 6 video heres a new one for all of you to enjoy. its better quality

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