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Thread: my first noob steps!

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    my first noob steps!

    my stock system

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 @ 2.13Ghz Conroe
    Kingston DDR2 PC800 2Gigs RAM
    Maxtor 180Gb HDD SATA
    XFX 8500GT 512Mb GDDR2
    Sony DVD-R/W
    on a generic china-made mid tower case

    i just started with the wirings...

    tried to clear it off the motherboard because my pc case has a big fan on the side...
    i was hoping for better air circulation

    you'll see 1 led fan intake at front and an old 90mm dia. exhaust at back from one of my broken down PSU...

    after sometime i had some money and bought a Tt SilentWater...

    and i tried to keep the uncluttered wires...
    but i had difficulty mounting the whole thing at the back becasue my case wasn't a thermal take and even though a 120mmdia fan can fit there... the radiator-fan assemble just wouldn't fit...

    so i decided to cut the drive bay support at front by drilling onto the metal rivets...
    drilled some more holes on the front of the metal case.

    and decided to put that there...

    my next project is to slowly upgrade the water cooling system... and replace my ASUS P5B VMDO motherboard.

    maybe after that id start modifying the exterior of my machine....

    plus i want to collect the tools first before i start messing with exteriors...

    hehehe...hope somebody can help me improve!

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    my first noob steps!

    Good job man, I cant really see much, but what I can see thats pretty good oh, where the heck is your hard drive? I cant find it in the picture, lol

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    my first noob steps!

    Nice Job there buddy, keep it up the first step is always just the beginning.

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    my first noob steps!

    haha... thanks for the support...

    my HDD is under the DVD-drive... i am planning to put the HDD drive bay that i removed for the radiator into that space under the dvd drive... but im still planning to add a coolant tank up there and a new pump for the im still thinking where id put my hdd permanently... for now its there one side screwed to the dvd drive bay...

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    my first noob steps!

    wel...if there is enought room you could still keep the hdd up there, you can get brackets u can use for it, up to you though there....anyway the wireing is real good and well im sure myself and everyone else here can help you with your needs got sumit u wana know but dont know the answer, just ask u never guna kno it if you dont right? heck we are such a different bunch here im sure we will have the answer :P

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    my first noob steps!

    Looks pretty good so far. What you should do is get another cheap case like that and work on it WHILE you have you system set up in that case. Plus you won't have so much pressure if you mess up. good luck and have fun!!

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    my first noob steps!

    thanks razer... and shelldog... this is one of the websites that really push me into modding my pc...hehehe...

    thanks for the comments...

    and yeah im planning to do 1 hdd bracket cause i have a small plexi here... i guess for now id copy one the brackets i saw here and ill try to bend my plexi...

    and i tomorow maybe i will buy a new motherboard for my system...ASUS P5K... or id wait to get my hands on a maximus formula motherboard...

    what do you guys think?

    if i don't buy this motherboard tomorrow maybe id buy the thermaltake 550 watts PSU with modular cabling...


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    my first noob steps!

    would be the mobo for me!

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    my first noob steps!

    I too would go with the newer mobo. Thanks for joining the best website on the net. Happy Modding to ya.

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    my first noob steps!

    that's what im thinking id go for the MOBO... because my PSU is already 5oo watts with dual fun... although it is still one of those generic china made... but i swear after the MOBO id buy a 550 watts or 750 watts thermaltake PSU... hehe...

    but i must buy that MOBO first before my wife get's back here with me!!!! Because im sure i will not be able to buy anything for my pc when she comes back! hehehe

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