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Thread: Help pls!

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    Help pls!

    hi there guys!

    i just want to ask if any of you had the same problem as i have...

    i want to run my machine on vista...

    cpu: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13 Ghz
    mobo: ASUS P5B VMDO
    VGA card: XFX 8500GT

    when i installed my VGA when i was running this machine on VistaUltimate 32bit (now im on XPHome), the VGA won't work and it can't load my drivers... i even used the updated forceware drivers and it still did not work... it will just show the screen at 4-bit 400 x 600 resolution... so it was so damn ugly... but at bios it is ok... but once the Vista boot up there my problem starts... it will say that a rundll.32 file cannot be loaded. i even tried looking at microsoft support site and tried the fixes there but it didn't work. But when i tried installing an ATI card i got from my office workstation, it worked.

    Could it be because the MOBO is with Intel 965 chipset and crossfire support? and that the nvidia card was having problem with that?

    for now im planning to look at a n680i LT Sli CHipset MOBO. would this be the best solution for this?

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    Help pls!

    The latest drivers from Nvidia are crap. I am running my 8800 on drivers from the CD because the newer Nvidia Vista drivers never work.

    You're best getting on to nvidia and giving them a good talking too!!

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    Help pls!

    I had issues with my BFG 8500GT when i updated the drivers, i just switched over to older drivers, like britrb said the current drivers for Vista are messed up (my system or any games I played didnt recognize the card) the best thing you could do is try to find some older drivers that work, or just sticking to XP (supposedly XP will be getting an update to allow it to use DX10)

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    Help pls!

    that's what i did i reinstalled my XP and it is doing great.... damn stupid vista... the thing is i bought the VGA for the aero interface... but what did i get instead? a 4-bit 600 x 400 resolution on my hard earned 19" LCD monitor what i waste...

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    Help pls!

    That's one of the reasons that I'm still using XP and haven't even thought about buying Vista. Maybe a year or two down the road I might get Vista but right now I wouldn't touch it with a 10' pole. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Help pls!

    yeah i guess ill just do the same...

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