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    The Espadon

    I started this build a couple months ago as a commissioned build, but then the commissioner bailed and now it's just a build :P. The donor pc was originally my brother's, but I convinced him to let me have his case and replace it with a computationally superior yet awesomeness-challenged Dell. Here's the original tower:

    Without the plastic:

    A 120mm and a 90mm can fit here:

    I was going to put the psu here because it natively takes a thin psu (not sure of the form factor, it was something weird. Long as any atx psu, but thinner by an inch).

    I later found out that it can fit here:

    I originally cut a Swedish cross, but it looked too much to me like the red cross. So I cut the normal 1:3 cross

    But when I fit it on the case:

    Blasphemy! Lol. Here it is fixed:

    I dremeled past the line on the outer plastic shell once ops:. I'll fill that in with bondo or spot filler or something.

    Time to cut out the front fan holes.

    Front panel removed:

    Holes marked out:

    And cut with the scroll saw:

    I'm pretty proud of the 120mm cut, but the blade was duller on the 90mm and the cut isn't as good. Oh well.

    I lined up the hole in the metal with the bezel using a piece of round plastic (I found it somewhere, and I'm not sure what it is) and found the center of the circle using simple geometry.

    I cut it with a scroll saw, but it just melted out of my way and fused back together:

    I ended up cutting it with a coping saw.

    I then picked up a waffle-style speaker grille online as well as the clips. I laid it on the hole and marked it:


    I then purchased some 6-32 threaded rod and some 6-32 cap nuts and cut the rod to appropriate lengths:

    Next, I used the cap nuts to turn them into very shiny bolt-and-nut fastening devices:

    Psu installation time!

    This is an atx psu in the hole for the provided psu:

    Here is the hole that I cut out:

    I bent down a tab for extra support, though I don't know how much support it will actually give.

    Here's the back holes that I cut out.

    For full explanation as to how I did it, you can view the guide I made:

    The front is arranged kind of strangely: One of the optical drives is natively stealthed (which is cool) but the other two opties are hidden behind a plastic panel that you have to pull out and set somewhere in order to access the drives. Inconvenient! My plan was to keep it, but set it on a hinge. I would have done it like this, but it wouldn't work:

    If the hinge point is between the metal and the plastic, it needs to be like this:

    I cut prototype hinges out of really thick paper. Here they are being traced against 1/8” aluminum.

    And cut:

    This is how I was originally going to attach the hinge to the bezel:

    But it wiggled:

    Take two:

    I made one of those for both sides, and attached them in much the same way as before, except with another support on the top:

    Instead of bending aluminum angle to attach the hinge to the door, I opted to cut piano hinge. I figured that it would make my life easier by giving more room for error as well as making calculating the angle of bending a non-issue.

    Here they are after being cut:

    Rusty, huh? Piano hinge gets that way after sitting in a garage.

    Here it is after brushing and polishing:

    And next to the mother strip of piano hinge:

    Both sides drilled, one side attached:

    Both sides attached:

    From the front:

    In with the main hinge:

    Something that I realized was that the piano hinge and my hinge have to slide along each other in order for it to work.

    The hinges with holes drilled in them, ready to be tapped:

    I'm not using the middle hole, it's just for, um, effect? I marked it to triangulate, then drilled it by sort-of mistake. I think that it looks fine. In order to accommodate the piano hinge, my hinge, and their fasteners, I had to enlarge the slider gaps on either side a great deal.

    And that's how far I am right now in the door department.

    Now to the side. For the interior metal I'm going to engrave a celtic cross on plexiglass and light it with red leds. For the exterior plastic shell I was going to cover it in mesh, but I couldn't find satisfactory mesh. So I went with chain maille. I first made a tool for winding the rings:

    You put a mandrel through the holes and wind the wire.

    I use copper pipe because I want to be able to see through the maille, if I was wearing it I would make the links a lot smaller.

    Fortunately I have a heap of galvanized steel wire:

    Each of those is about 5 feet long. They're for hanging drop ceilings.

    Here are the rings in wound-up form.

    I cut them with a miniature bolt cutter.

    The rings:

    My progressive additions to the cross.


    You could make those into a flip book, lol. Next is to attach the chain maille to the plastic. I've got a method ready, I just need to implement it. I'm busy with the ten-dollar lian-li, but I'll find time. BTW, an espadon is a two-handed sword.

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    The Espadon

    Looking cool, that's for sure. I'm watching this one. Happy Modding to ya.

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    The Espadon

    Great usage of your available resources!

    Sometimes the best mods come from things you have lying around.

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