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Thread: Questions on the MCSE or MCSA

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    Questions on the MCSE or MCSA

    I've been studying for my Network+ cert. for sometime now and have also been looking into getting my MCSE on server 2003 and was wondering if any of you guys had already taken the test and what advise you could give me on it. What did you use to study with and how difficult is the real test? Any help would be great i'm far from taking the test since i'm working on my network+ and can't find the time to take the test with work getting in the way. Thanks guys.

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    Questions on the MCSE or MCSA

    I am an MCP who was studying for his MCSE / MCSA. I stoped about 3 years ago due to inability to get my work to step up for my classes. I learn better from instruction than I do from CD video stuff or straight book learning.

    The MS testing is adaptive. WHat that means is if you get an answer wrong, it will change the questions yet to be asked to approach that item you messed up on to see if you really do not know what you are talking about, or if your answer was just a fluke wrong answer.

    The "end all, be all" of testing simulation software are Transcender tests. It is a brand of testing simulation software that is not cheap. But it is the best thing to use if you really want to know how well you will do on the test.

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    Questions on the MCSE or MCSA

    Thanks for the info TD, I have been looking into the video training because im never going to get off from work to do class room training. I'll look into this Transcender testing as well.

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