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Thread: How funny is this....

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    How funny is this....

    building a new machine for my daughter, She's on a Socket7 Shuttle machine @ 512MB or Ram... nad have really been giving it to me regarding her machine performance. I dont blame her... so I started crafting a better rig for her to play her online games on (she's 5 by the way... so we are not talking about UT3 or Crysis here folks. But she's a performance snob because of mommy and daddy's machines... )

    So I craft a Socket939/FX53/1GB machine. I found a case in my garage that will work perfectly...

    As I bring the case into the study to start hte OS load, my wife (who has been sick these last 2 days) pipes up, "You aren't going to put that beige box in there, are ya? Cuz if ya do, the other machines are likely to revolt and quit working!"

    And the commentary continued...
    "Get out in the garage and paint that thing!"
    "Dont put that in there, it'll piss off the other computers!"

    just thought I'd share.


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    How funny is this....

    mod crazy family.... hehehe... cute....

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    How funny is this....

    ...nice! where and how much on that FX53?

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    How funny is this....

    Thats hilarious! My kids are the same way. They are so used to modded computers when they see regular computers and wonder where the lights are? Like....what does it DOOO though? hehe.

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    How funny is this....

    Beige!! I cant blame her :lol:

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    How funny is this....

    Now that's my kind of family!!! I'm glad of one thing and that is I don't have any kids at home anymore to hound me. lol Keep up with the good work and let us know what you are going to do to your daughters machine. lol Happy Modding to ya.

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    How funny is this....

    That just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

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    How funny is this....

    Lol! That is really funny. My mom got rather upset when I put her new comp in a beige box too. Kind of like a v12 in a ford fiesta, you know? Just doesn't have the same ring.

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    How funny is this....

    My family must be dif... cause they could care less if their comp is in a modded case or not. I have offered up a few over the years and even offered to do one to their liking. They still say... nah thats Ok.

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    How funny is this....

    My mother and wife are the same way Tazz, I don't understand it personally. So I get to do everything for myself. Which really doesn't bother me at all. Happy Modding to ya.

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