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Thread: Router took a dump

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    Router took a dump

    Well my internet router took a dump the otherday during a power outage caused by an ice storm, since I'm not the only one with this problem its gonna take some time to fix/replace, untill then I'm stuck using free dial up which really sucks.

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    Router took a dump

    That really blows. I remember my dialup days.. in fact it hasn't been that long ago. *shudder* I'd hate to have to go back to that.

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    Router took a dump

    dial up?? wots that??? oh yea! that "thing" called the internet of god nos how many years ago lol feel for ya i member how slow that is.......when you think you will get it sorted out?

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    Router took a dump

    Sorry to hear about that. It's a real bummer for sure. Hope it's taken care of as soon as possible for ya. Happy Modding to ya. Stay warm!

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    Router took a dump

    Well you should be able to put at least one comp straight off the modem. Some people have issues swapping from a router setup to without though. Normally I just pull the router.. reset everything and connect up straight to the modem... I remember the days of kicking ass with 300+ ping

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