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Thread: Well finally.. a little ray of sunshine

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    Well finally.. a little ray of sunshine

    well of you that are from cmg you would remeber that my house burnt down and i lost it all... and i had no insurance.
    well monday, i was sitting near the local supermarket.. and went for a wander around to the computer place thats near there and they werent there.. well i wandered around for a bit and spyied their rubbish dump.. so i rang the owner and asked if he wanted any of the cases and stuff from there and he goes, take all you want :P
    I went wahoo and filled the backseat of my car with around 12 cases, some with m/bs and other bits in them, some cd drives and most with fdds. not many hard drives. Also whilst i was there i got a p2 laptop that has PARTS written on it.. so if i can get a power supply i will see whats no good, i may have myself a nice 2-3 gig portable hard drive.. hehe. The screen seems ok, but i was wondering can you use a laptop screen as a monitor on a normal pc? its about a 15" screen so its nice. i also got a heap of case sides and other stuff as well, cords and ect, though probally nothing higher than a p2 ish. anyways, i thought that would be worth sharing with you all, and well its a bit of a bonus also there was 2 old macs there as well i have no idea what the go is with them. i got one pc up and running already from it.. lol about a 486ish. my current pc is a pentium 1 233 that has no internet.. so i may be able to build a working one from one of these cases!
    now i have modding supplies

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    Well finally.. a little ray of sunshine

    holy crap, talk about luck

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    Well finally.. a little ray of sunshine

    glad to see your getting back on your feet in terms of pcs man.

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    Well finally.. a little ray of sunshine

    Yeah!, Good luck, I hope you can find more stuff.

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    Well finally.. a little ray of sunshine

    Good to hear the PC Godz have smile on you!!!

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    Well finally.. a little ray of sunshine

    Outstanding!!! About the laptop screen hooked to a pc. Yes, it can be done. I read about it at It requires a graphics card that has VESA connection. That connection is usually located at the top left side (looking at the front of the PCB.) It will have 26 pins (2x13). A Dutchman figured out how to do it and the instructions have been translated. It also depends on the screen, there is a list of screens that work, the list is quite long, plus the pinout for each screen that is on the list. It's here . Hope this helps you. :idea:

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    Well finally.. a little ray of sunshine

    well thanks, and i will have to have a look at that site. at the moment im helping out at a friends workplace, which is a computer place as well. im hoping to make some money and get another decent pc up and running and as im a gamer i need a decent pc!!

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    Well finally.. a little ray of sunshine

    well lol going through this stuff the other night and found a p3 500 ive been trying to get it to work, i have tried about 10 different hdd ranging in size from about 5gig to 0.5gig, i have managed to get one to partiaclly inhstall 98, but now it comes up with windows protection error and makes me restart. i have been able to fdisk/format hdd but when it comes to installing win then they just wont do it. not too sure why, and trust me its buging me! any ideas?? ive tried a known good hdd on it and it still didnt work, came up with errors.

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