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Thread: Linksys Modem

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    Linksys Modem

    I get bored easily. So I decide things need fans and custom work to make them worthy of sitting on my desk.

    This is a reference pic if you need one:
    edited the link-AF

    Just some basic mods here
    Sanded off Linksys logo from the front.
    Taped off the stickers and face.
    Wiped off Linksys from the top with a little Goo Gone
    Cut and mounted the fan
    (realized to flow the fan in, it would need more space in the front)
    Cut off the flange from the top of the face
    This is my first time using Bondo in a mod, I think it went well
    Flowed the fan in to the top, this fan had no mounts on the outside anyway.
    Filled in the stack-able slots in the top with Bondo also
    Added the socket cap screws and decorative washers
    Then the paint, the pics don't do it justice. its like a mirror.
    (secret is using Duplicolor and steel wool between coats but, only when its dry dry!)

    On with the pics

    I know there are some flaws in the paint but, I put to much time in to the rest to fix those spots.

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    Linksys Modem

    I like it, you did a neat job and thanks for sharing with us. Do you have any temps changes for us? Happy Modding to ya.

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    Linksys Modem


    I gots me a modem just like that....hmmm

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    Linksys Modem

    Thanks, its a beauty. Also to run your fan go to Radio Shack and get a male and female size "M" connector to interrupt your modems power and split it off to power the fan (drill small hole in back and run fan leads out).

    With your connectors make a 2" extension/splitter.

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    Linksys Modem

    *looks at ugly linskys modem*makes big evil grin* muhahahaahahahhaahah!!

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    Linksys Modem

    Man I love turbine mods

    But on the other side (no offence), I don't think this was the best idea... Dust will get sucked in alot more than usual (wich can cause the modem to malfuncton, crash and all that stuff..)

    But hey, still looks great and that's what matters hehe

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