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    The PantMod

    I was feeling especially creative (and bored) today, so I decided to turn my modding attention to my pants. Here are the materials that I used: an old pair of lucky jeans, a handmade flame stencil, some duplicolor vinyl & fabric paint, and a load of pushpins.


    I didn't stay too close to the lines, but that's okay. As long as the cut looks good. The softness of paint minimizes any minor hard edges.

    Close up of the paint:

    It's made for dashboards, seats, and other vinyl/fabric things. I was under the impression when I bought it that it would lay down vinyl like paint, turning whatever I painted into vinyl. Not so much.

    Push pins:

    You need these.

    There's a small stump in my back yard.

    Here's what it's for:

    I stuffed cardboard in the leg of the jeans, then pinned my stencil and some newspaper to the cardboard. I used a pizza box to protect the rest of the pants from overspray. The 11x17 piece of paper that I used didn't go all the way around the leg of my jeans. I fixed that later.


    With stencil removed:

    That trapezoid is no good. Back out to the yard to fix it. I lined newspaper up with the angles, tacked it down, and sprayed.

    I did the triangle after dark without (much) light, and spraying black paint was a little unnerving. If I had been painting anything that wasn't pants, I would have waited till the next day.

    The triangle/spike:

    The trapezoid still shows through, as I did paint it twice. It looks like it belongs, so I'm not too worried.

    And me wearing them:

    Victory! I can't wait to wear these tomorrow. Well, I'm wearing them right now, but nobody's here to see. I wish that I had moved the stencil farther up the leg, as the folds of the pants kind of hide the flames . Other than that I'm quite pleased. Let me know what you think!

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    The PantMod

    Looking good sir, looking good. Keep up with the good work and Happy Modding to ya.

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    The PantMod

    I like that. Maybe you should put the spike on the outside next time though. I really like how unique it is. I'm kind of thinking I'm going to copy you though... If only college hadn't made me broke..

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    The PantMod

    thats actually pretty cool. Great way to use your thinking cap. I would have never thought of that.

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    The PantMod

    Thanks guys. I actually intended the spike to be on the outside, but I pinned the stencil in the wrong place by mistake. Oh well.

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    The PantMod

    Darn sweet!

    You never know you might be onto a new trend!

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