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Thread: Need some advice on installing front fan on old Antec case?

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    Need some advice on installing front fan on old Antec case?

    Hi everyone. I just built a new rig for myself and I'm giving my old one to my mom. Here are the specs of my old PC: Antec SLK2600AMB Mid-Tower case, ASUS P4P800 MB, Intel P4 2.GHz CPU w/HT, Ultra X-Connect 500W PSU, Radeon 7000 PCI 64MB graphics card, and 2048MB of PC3200 Kingston Value RAM.

    Because my folks have no AC in their house and it will get pretty warm there during the summer I would like to install some larger 120mm fans in the front of the case in the empty drive bay slots, and in the rear, if possible. I'm not sure how to accomplish this without cutting or drilling something, because it looks kind of tight in there.

    Here are a couple shots of the front panel:

    I would also like to install a 120mm fan here in the rear of the case to replace the 80mm that's already there.

    I have no experience doing any of this so keep this in mind when you reply. I have never done anything like this before so if you offer a suggestion please try to be as detailed as possible (like describing HOW I could cut a hole, install some mesh, drill, etc.). Links to other threads or sites where people have already done this would also be appreciated. Pictures would be a plus.

    Also, I would like this to look somewhat decent once I'm done so please don't offer to "cut a hole in the plastic drive bay covers" or "zip tie a fan in there!" (I've gotten enough of these asinine replies on other forums already).

    Thank you.

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    Need some advice on installing front fan on old Antec case?

    Well firstly welcome to Modders-inc, we're happy to have you and we hope that you find what you're looking for. Secondly, what tools do you have available to you? I would recommend a scroll saw. Take a look in our guide section for, well, guides. The video by MNPCtech about cutting windows gives you an idea of what cutting should feel/look like, and my guide on hole cutting has some good stuff on geometry. After we know what tools you have we can better assist you.

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    Need some advice on installing front fan on old Antec case?

    Hey thanks for the welcome. I don't have any cutting tools. I checked out that link but I didn't see anything that could help me.

    Someone suggested sticking a Kama Bay in the 3 empty drive bays in the front of the case. I don't even know if that would work. I was thinking of cutting a hole where the rear fan is to put a 120mm fan, but then I would want some grille or mesh over it and I'm not sure how that would be done.

    What kind of cutting tools do I need?

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    Need some advice on installing front fan on old Antec case?

    A Dremel is good. They do need to be used slowly to ensure an even line.

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    Need some advice on installing front fan on old Antec case?

    Also, I realize with these bigger fans I'm going to need to plug them into something other than the old P4P800 MB. I bought a Sunbeam Multi-Fan port to use in my new rig and it works great so I'll have to buy another for this project.

    A dremel, eh? Hmm, that's expensive. Ok, quick question.... how much heat could this PC take in it's current configuration? Just a guesstimate. If I can just muck up something in those empty bay slots and replace the other fans it won't cost me a bunch of money.

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    Need some advice on installing front fan on old Antec case?

    I'm not sure, those old intel's run pretty hot anyway.

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    Need some advice on installing front fan on old Antec case?

    This system won't be OCed; it's for my mom. I was thinking of getting a new cooler for the CPU. Some have suggested this Thermaltake cooler, but it looks pretty flimsy to me. Others have suggested the Thermalright XP-90, the Zalman 9500, the Zalman CNPS7700-CU, and the Arctic Cooling ACFZ4.

    The Zalman CNPS7700-CU looks to be the best and the easiest to install without taking up a ton of room. Of course I've had people tell me if the stock Intel HS and fan are doing a good job then just leave them, but then again it is over seven years old

    The only other two things I need to know are how to install a larger fan to replace the one in the back or do I even need to do that with adding the Kama Bay? And will I need a fan on the side or any on the top for ventilation?

    And, of course, the heat that the PC could take.

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    Need some advice on installing front fan on old Antec case?

    Hey guys I found this great mod for adding a fan on the side panel and the case in the mod is the same as mine! Imagine that. This is great because I can use the duct tube from my Ultra m998. I did the measurements and marked the spot for the hole already. It might be a tight fit, but I think it will work. Now all I need to do is cut the hole and find the fan and hardware. Guess it's tool time, eh?

    I think I also found the best cooler to use with this socket 478: the Thermalright SP-94. The only problem is trying to find one to buy.

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    Need some advice on installing front fan on old Antec case?

    you're thinking too much about it. Clear off the old thermal paste and apply some fresh good stuff. blow out any dust in the heat sinks. you should be fine.

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    Need some advice on installing front fan on old Antec case?

    i would listen to schembo on using some fresh thermal paste and blowing out any air but......yes your thinking alot but thats good lol i like an idea that comes together through thinking about it to much! look at rig is a beast and was all down to loads of thinking and yea id try it but first try this.....take the side of your case of and put ur rig under high pressure....see what the difference is on ur heat...should be nice and cool now this would prove that adding a vent would be a good idea but you have to remember that you cant mess around to much as air needs to go one way if air is going in differnet causes sumit which at this point i really cant remember what it is lol well thats my input anyhow

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