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Thread: Forum systems?

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    Forum systems?

    I am curious to what everyones preference is for forums. I know a lot of people visit numerous sites and have a liking for specific features on them. AF and I have been debating converting MI over to using VBulletin on the forums side. This will be a major job to accomplish for me. I will have to manually convert the current (phpbb2 ported) over to a standalone phpbb2 configuration and then proceed to convert the phpbb2 standalone into VBulletin. So before I dig into this to far I want to see what the popular choices are for those that do visit multiple sites.

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    Forum systems?

    I have used phbb2, VB and I currently use SMF on all the sites I run. Preference? VB if you want to spend the dough, SMF if not .... even though phbb is more customizable.

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    Forum systems?

    I have no idea. The current ones are fine... but I wouldnt care if they changed either.

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    Forum systems?

    When I first started on the pc I liked the fancy stuff, during that time period I didn't wear glasses and after I turned 40 I had to wear glasses to read and I still enjoyed the fancy stuff. Now I have to wear glasses at all times and they are tri-focals. So with the tri's the default that we use now is the best for me because it's the easiest to read for me now. So when it comes to me, I'll use what ever is the easiest to read.

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    Forum systems?

    hm...i duno :P i have to be honest lol

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    Forum systems?

    phpBB v3
    I really like phpBB, had one, fully customised (actually it was that much customised I had to shut it down due to spam bots registering ^_^; lolz)

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    Forum systems?

    I have no idea. The current ones are fine... but I wouldnt care if they changed either.
    Yep, that pretty much summs it up for me.

    I couldn't tell you the difference.

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    Forum systems?

    No preference, current is fine.

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    Forum systems?

    I've always been a fan of IPB. But what you use now is just fine with me.

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