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Thread: Something a bit random

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    Something a bit random

    well lately I've been getting some pre-made chicken pot pies to cook for when me or the wife dont want to cook, and i've been following the directions for them. Whats odd is that after they've been sitting in the oven for 30-40 min at 400F their still frozen in the middle. But whats strange is when my wife cooks them they are always cooked all the way and she follows the directions...

    I think the pot pies hate me or something.

    Have you guys had anything similar happen?

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    Something a bit random

    I'm sorry but I don't have any suggestions to help you. lol It does sound strange that it works for your wife but not for you. It's funny at the same time. Hope you figure it out soon so you can have a fully cooked meal. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Something a bit random

    LOL< one word ... Gremlins!!

    Yep, them little rascals wreak havoc everywhere they go, they strive to make you think your going completely insane. They steal one sock from a perfectly good pair, hide your underwear, and yes even turn your oven down when your not looking.

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    Something a bit random

    whats strange is when my wife cooks them they are always cooked all the way and she follows the directions...
    Because she is a woman and your a man, enough said :mrgreen:

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    Something a bit random

    ... do you let the oven warm up first? or do you just chunk em in and start the timer? (I learned that one the hard way..)

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    Something a bit random

    nah I let it warm up, I do blame gremlins though, they must be working for the wife so she has a reason to make fun of me, lol I think next time I'll nuke it for 2 mins or so then toss it into the oven.

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