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Thread: Questions on a case

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    Questions on a case

    I'm trying to find a sort of gas shock for a mod i am planning. I've looked around a bit and can only really find car shocks, which wouldn't work at all. i'm kind of thinking like the ones on the rear doors of van's that hold the door up when you open the door, but in a bit of smaller version of course.

    if anybody could point me in the right direction that would be sweet.

    Oh and second thing. I may find it tomorrow, but anybody know where to pick up 99.95 percent pure aluminum spray paint? I saw it in the shippers supply catalouge up here in canada and i don't know if they carry it anymore, but i'm going to the paint shops around here to find out.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Questions on a case

    The shock that your looking for should be in a auto parts store. Like NAPA here in the States. Hope this helps you. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Questions on a case

    if your looking for small shocks like real small check for some from Nitro RC cars, if your looking for something about the size needed to hold up the hood of a car then the local auto store should have it, the hardware store might have one for screen doors

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    Questions on a case

    yeah theres a napa here in edmonton i might check out. i'll probably be looking at probably about a foot of lift, for lifting the side door of my case. it's an older one peice case so i'm cutting it on one of the corners, one of the sides will be bolted on and one i want to open like a gull wing door.

    for reference. look at the way a delorean's doors open

    Thanks for the quick replys.

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    Questions on a case

    Sounds like a winner to me. I'll keep my eyes open on this mod. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Questions on a case

    If it's for lifting the side of a case, then an RC car shock won't be strong enough... For the size and weight of a normal case (assuming I know) going to the local hardware store and getting a screen door shock would be the cheapest and most functional option... You can get them quite small and they're like $5 here (FL Home Depot). Good luck.

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