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Thread: Chrome Paint

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    Chrome Paint

    I just started working on a case (and I settled on the 7.2v cordless Dremel btw) and I've decided I want a black and chrome theme to it.

    I know I can get chrome paint, but does it work properly? Has anyone used chrome paint? What are the results like?

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    Chrome Paint

    I've used chrome paint, but not with the best results. It doesn't look the same as chrome plating, that's for sure. It's very shiny, but yeah. Not exactly chrome. Also, as a paint it isn't very tolerant or forgiving. You have to lay an almost perfectly even coat or it shows. It runs/bubbles easily as well, and the shininess makes those errors very apparent. If you decide to go with chrome paint, I would recommend practicing on scrap before application. Nobody cares if you screw up on scrap. You also don't want your paints reacting, and the practice job will let you know if they're going to. If you clear coat it, it can turn a sort of gun metal gray. Hope this helps. Make sure to post up a worklog with pics of the case. I recommend something simple for your first mod, like just a window and a paint job.

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    Chrome Paint

    The only "chrome" type finish you will get with paint is special blend stuff from House of Color or Alsa. They are the *only* manufacturers to have pulled this stuff off correctly. Ot os expensive, and if you dont put it on properly, it will not look like what you want.

    I have not used any of either brand, but seen the results of both on properly sprayed items, and they look spectacular!

    Talk to Bill from MNPCTECH... he just got done spraying a batch of this type of paint. He could give you pointers.

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    Chrome Paint

    Alright. Cool. For my first mod. All I'm doing is some windows. Paint. Fans and movement of a couple switches.

    Rustoleum do a chrome finish paint, I don't need it to look perfect, just to give me a little shine. But I'll have a look around and see whats what.

    I've also just found this stuff. Mirra Chrome Paint. Anybody know anything about it?

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    Chrome Paint

    Good luck with your project and I'll be watching to see what you can come up with. Happy Modding to ya.

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