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Thread: Custom Tech Station

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    Custom Tech Station


    I'm kind of new to the modding scene but I'm looking to build a custom case. I basically want to recreate a tech station but I'm worried that the materials I use won't be non-conductive. On the tech station manufacturer website they are very particular about saying they used the special oil based components so that they don't conduct electricity but I'm thinking that regular computer cases are all metal so why would it not work if the tech station is all metal.

    I wanted to create my own tech station out of aluminum. Is this possible or do I need to find materials that are non conductive? If so what would be the best material to use that can be easily bought?

    Also, does anyone have a resource that has a print-out or listing of the dimensions for the motherboard screw holes for ATX/EATX.


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    Custom Tech Station

    There is a neat one AmericanFreak built. Might give ya some ideas.

    And welcome to Modders Inc.

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    Custom Tech Station

    Welcome to MI, mdm08. XcaliburFX is 100% correct when he mentioned about AF built one. His how-to isn't quite finished I don't belief but enough to where if you wanted to make one based off of his you shouldn't have any problems. His is a super sweet unit and you would have a super sweet unit if you built one based off of AF's. Happy Modding to ya

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    Custom Tech Station has some Pre-made ones to get some ideas or Buy

    AEROCOOL LUBIC Q Unassembled is another Great Idea

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