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Thread: Silly project...small power needed.

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    Silly project...small power needed.

    So this is my first post here. I cruised around different forums and tried to figure out the best place to settle and you guys seem to have quite a bit of knowledge, but haven't let it go to your heads, heh. Anyway, on to my question...

    I recently bought a new laptop and heat is kind of an issue. I bought a laptop cooler for it, which is a Cooler Master, Notepal model. Just so everyone is clear, if you're looking for a cooler that is going to be sufficient for gaming...this is not the one. While it's good for some office worthy machines it isn't quite strong enough for the type of cooling that I want. Okay, back on track..

    The cooler fans that are currently installed only push ~10cfm so I'm going to install some higher cfm fans but while I was doing it I had the though of possibly adding some cold cathodes(4&#34 but I wasn't sure of the power requirements. I know how to solder, but I'm not much of an electronics person. The cooler fans are powered from the usb port on the laptop, but I'm fairly confident that the power from this is not strong enough for a CC. Are there any type of batteries that I can use, or other power supply?, that won't generate too much heat and will last for a decent amount of time or should I just use leds and be done with it?

    If I can use something that will supply enough power I was also thinking of hooking up a lcd rpm monitor for the fans, like the title says it's silly I know, but I'm just bored around the house because I work from home so I just thought it would be fun to waste time with.

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    Silly project...small power needed.

    I think in the terms of power that you should go with some Ultra-bright LED's. They will be easier to place than the 4" CCFL's would be and you would be able to get the power for them right from the USB port if you want. You can get almost the same amount of color from the LED's as you can with the CCFL's. You just might be able to get more color from LED's than that is available from CCFL's. Good luck with your project and keep us posted. Also we all love pics. Pics are good. Also Welcome to Modders-Inc. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Silly project...small power needed.

    As em3 said the Ultra-LED's would be much better choice.

    You won't need a power converter common for ccfl's, and the running temps will be cooler. LED's provide the best bang for the buck too and will last much longer.

    Check here or anywhere on the net and you'll find tons of info for powering LED's.

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    Silly project...small power needed.

    Yup, what they said. There's a couple of issues with ccfl's that makes them poorly suited to your purpose. Firstly, they run on AC and thus require an inverter. Also, they are glass and can break. Trust me, I've done it. Their plastic sheath isn't as indestructible as it seems. Led's are thus your best bet. I can think of two ways to implement leds: Shine them at the area around the cooler or use them to illuminate something, like plexigass. Without pics of the cooler I can't really recommend placement or usage any farther than I have.

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    Silly project...small power needed.

    Thanks for the responses everyone. Looks like I'll be going with LED's. I'll take some pictures once I figure out exactly what I want to do. Some drilling may be in order...

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    Silly project...small power needed.

    Wise decision and I'm sure that when you are finished with your project that you will be quite happy with it. Here is where I get my LED's.
    LEDs - All Electronics Corps - Parts
    Happy Modding to ya.

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    Silly project...small power needed.

    Yep good place to get them or if you have a Radio Shack or Fry's Electronics head over there to see what they have.

    Welcome to the forums and thanks for the compliments. We all work hard in the forums to help each other out and thats the way we like it cause you never know when one of us will need some help and you might have the answer.

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    Silly project...small power needed.

    what about led fans?

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    Silly project...small power needed.

    EL Lighting would be another option of course but I believe that's also AC powered meaning you'd need an inverter again .
    There is also anothe rtype of LED strip lighting that involves very tiny squares but I've not seen enough of them to be able to recommend or give advice on. Maybe someone else here has more info?

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