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Thread: Its been a while!

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    Its been a while!

    Well thats because I joined the Army, anyways I got a current project to show you guys once the video uploads, but its not about computers, nor does it show me working on it.

    Instead its a video showing why I'm doing the project.

    Never buy a driveshaft off of ebay ever.

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    Its been a while!

    That sucks! How's the transmission? If i remember right its possible to destroy a Tranny because of a snapped driveshaft, same goes for the engine.

    How much power does that thing have?

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    Its been a while!

    When it comes to building anything that is going to torque a shaft, axle, or other component like that on a constant basis, I always stuck with local shops that I knew first hand to do my driveshafts. Most of the time I needed to shorten or swap yokes due to the changing of rearends or trannys.

    Hopefully it didn't take anything else with it. I've dropped driveshafts on numerous vehicles over the years and have been lucky that they have never taken the tranny or rear end yokes with them. Replace the shaft and a few u-bolts/caps and all is well.

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    Its been a while!

    I got lucky and all I gotta replace is the driveshaft. Only reason why I got the shaft in the first place was that it had just been purchased not too long before i bought it and was used a few times, but what the seller didnt tell me was that that car it was in belonged to a moron and they trashed their car.

    Anyways she should be up and running again soon, anyways my baby hasnt been dyno'd in a while but the last dyno read 453hp

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    Its been a while!

    damn......still nice car

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    Its been a while!

    Outstanding to hear that was all that was trashed. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Its been a while!

    Its been a while!
    I'll say, a year and a half .... How have you been doing Raiven?

    Glad that the driveshaft is all you have to replace .. nice burnout though

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