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Thread: Adding pins to CDRom for Activity light

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    Adding pins to CDRom for Activity light

    Hey all i'm here with another question, while I continue my search for info on my other thread.

    I have a Antec Case that I bought awhile back and use for my gaming rig. Its like the Krystal has up here on the site with some mods done to it.

    Its got 2 extra front panel LED's for other items. I'd like to hook them up to my Burners in my rig so i know when they're active. I was wonder if anyone has ever hooked up front pannel LED's as indicators to their CD/DVD Rom status.

    I've been told that some drives have extra pins on the back to hook up external lights but I am not sure if this is correct. So if anyone has any tips on this that would be great thanks all.

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    Adding pins to CDRom for Activity light

    I've never seen a CD/DVD rom drive with extra pins for activity LED.. What you'd have to is, take the drive apart, solder 2 wires instead of the current LED, connect the front panel LEDs to the 2 wires (if it doesn't work, just change the polarity )

    Shouldn't be too hard but!! Be sure NOT to touch the lens with anything!! If you do that (even if by accident) and scratch it just a little.. you can say goodbye to the unit
    And try to ground the soldering iron, the drive and yourself, so any statis electricity that might appear would be neutralised

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    Adding pins to CDRom for Activity light

    Awsome. I may see if i have any like Motherboard style pins in my electronics bins. I may have some since I do stuff with robotics, and microcontrollers also.

    Yea I have a ESD strap I use all the time when i work on my pc(s). I've been lookin for a ESD mat but haven't been able to find one yet.

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    Adding pins to CDRom for Activity light

    You shouldn't have to take the whole thing apart. Just take off the faceplate and you can get access to the LED or the contacts on the PCB. Sometimes it will even say "+" or "-". Just solder your wires there and run it back. IF your creative you can do it so it looks stealthy.

    FYI you do the same thing if you want a remote switch but just solder it to the two contact points for the button. :wink:

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    Adding pins to CDRom for Activity light

    Yea. I got the switch and stuff to make a stealth cd rom. I just never found a decent way to attach the blank bezel piece to the tray. The double stick tape idea is too flimsy not very sturdy.

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    Adding pins to CDRom for Activity light

    I've used Velcro to hold on the stealth plate to hide the unit in question. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Adding pins to CDRom for Activity light

    Did you have to layer it up, so it was the right width between the plate and the tray?

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    Adding pins to CDRom for Activity light

    Go to Home Depot and look for VHB DF tape. Very High Bond. Supposedly holds 1000 pounds. Takes about 24 hours to set up but pretty sturdy. Hot Glue or Silicone/ Liquid Nails also works ok too. Just be careful with it. Gets messy.

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    Adding pins to CDRom for Activity light

    Hmm never thought about silicone or stuff like that. I'll have to check that out. This community has so much info to give its great.

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    Adding pins to CDRom for Activity light

    Oh, I forgot. Two part Epoxy works really good too. Very firm. hehe, I've tried it all.

    We are happy to give. It's all about sharing and helping each other out. Good luck with your project. Let us know how it goes.

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