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Thread: Old Fat hard drives

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    Old Fat hard drives

    Anyone ever done anything with old fat hard drives. Like the ones that are 3 or 4 inches thick by about 5 inchs long or so? I've managed to save a couple from work. I assume they still function was thinking of doing a like window mod for them and using them for like show.

    Not sure yet but just kicking some ideas around for them.

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    Old Fat hard drives

    you can always use them for target pracitse

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    Old Fat hard drives

    Those sound like the Quantum "BigFoot" drives....

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    Old Fat hard drives

    I have a BigFoot drive and I turned it into a clock. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Old Fat hard drives

    Yea they are Quantums, they may very well be the big foot version. Thought of hacking the cover off and putting a acrylic cover on thats clear and just powering them.

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    Old Fat hard drives

    You could make it into one of these:

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    Old Fat hard drives

    Thats really awsome idea. Although i don't understand how they get the light from the center of the spindle to the to move around like that. I did notice the lights on the side. All very interesting.

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    Old Fat hard drives


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