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    the war radio

    hey, and welcome to the “war radio” this is my first time building a PC or modding one. this baby is based off of a 17 year old HTPC style PC case,the whole case was an ugly beige, so i painted the whole thing a dark OD green. i used a drill to make the bullet hole’s on the side of the monitor and the front of the case, i then used a rust colored paint to make the rustic effect. then i painted the buttons on the front of the case, the front of the monitor, the left click button on the mouse and the “ctrl, alt, delete” and “esc” buttons on the keyboard dark red to give them a kind of symbol of importance. the rig includes a HD TV transmitter, a high quality USB head set w/ mic, a DoD:S mouse pad and all of it matching. i hope you like it, and thanks for reading.

    By gondortrooper at 2008-02-23


    please vote for my mod

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    the war radio

    do you not like it?

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    the war radio

    Outstanding and thanks for sharing with us. Looks mighty fine sir, mighty fine. Happy Modding to ya.

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    the war radio

    It looks great, I especially enjoy the 5.25" floppy. Is the hardware newish, or is it all still original? Do you have a worklog for it? I'd like to see how you applied those effects.

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    the war radio

    thanks guys, it was my first mod and my first time doing any thing with a computer. here is the work log: and no, i took all of the original parts's ready for a beast (i am selling it if you want to buy it)

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