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Thread: Need Help For A Very Basic Mod - Total Newb

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    Need Help For A Very Basic Mod - Total Newb


    I have an Antec 900, and as I'm sure any of you who own the case know, it has NO space for cable management (the back plate is one solid hunk of sheet metal save for a single hole above the PSU mount - which does not seem to serve any logical purpose).

    I have never moded a case before, but I would like to make some basic mods to this backplate so that I can hide wires behind there. Because I've never modded a case, and because I don't know when I'll have to (or want to) Mod again, I don't really want to shell out the money for a Dremel.

    Could anyone here please recommend a basic, affordable cutting tool for this purpose that I could get at say, Homedepot or something? I'm aware of nibblers, is there anything more effective?


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    Need Help For A Very Basic Mod - Total Newb

    I have the same case on my desk right now for a testing rig and good luck on the wiring...LOL

    For very basic tools like a drill and a metal file you can create some access holes to route cable through.

    You can drill some holes very very close to each other to make a larger hole. Then file the new opening to remove anything that could damage the wires and to make the hole "pretty".

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    Need Help For A Very Basic Mod - Total Newb

    I could get a drill... are there any manual options asside from the nibblers?

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    Need Help For A Very Basic Mod - Total Newb num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=4
    tada! hope that helps man.

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    Need Help For A Very Basic Mod - Total Newb

    yeah, it's a great case but the cable management and the spacing are very aggravating. My 12 pin just barely reaches, so do the front panel cables - I don't understand why they did just prefab some frickin holes in the backplate.

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    Need Help For A Very Basic Mod - Total Newb

    Welcome to Modders-inc! If you're not cutting a hole out of an existing hole, you're going to need a drill no matter what cutting tool you're using. And as Americanfreak said, you're also going to want a file or two to clean up the edges and avoid damage to your cables. The ideal tool would be a jigsaw, and if you don't mind used tools, I frequently find old jigsaws and drills at garage sales/thrift stores. There's also always What is your price range? Where are you located? We can research local stores/classifieds if we know where you live. You can also use tin snips, but they don't make very pretty holes if you're not very careful. Those are only about $15 at any home depot, but again, you need a drill to make the hole in the first place. If you do use tin snips, get the ones designed for cutting circles (they have bent snips instead of straight ones). I hope that this helps.

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    Need Help For A Very Basic Mod - Total Newb

    really, that video shows you where to cut holes and how to wire your 900.

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