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Thread: Today's loot

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    Today's loot

    Well got me a Blue LCD Display from a old server. Also managed to score 6 fan grills they appear to be 92mm i think will have to get out a 80mm fan and check to make sure they're not 80mm grills.

    Forgot to add that i got 4 5.25 bay adapter rails, to mount 3.5 bay devices in 5.25 bay.

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    Today's loot

    Cool! What variety of lcd, character or pixel-style?

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    Today's loot

    Appears to be a character not exactly sure. I also pulled the two boards it had cables attached two that away hopefully i got the display driver for it. If not i'm sure i could get it to work with some thinking.

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    Today's loot

    How big is the LCD?

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    Today's loot

    Maybe I can help you with the wiring? Or check out LcdStudio's site/forums for that (I have an LCD too, looks preety cool when you make it to work haha :P)

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