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Thread: Upgrade for PSU in SB86i Shuttle XPC?

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    Upgrade for PSU in SB86i Shuttle XPC?

    Is there upgrades for the SB86i psu? Also doesn't anyone know if you can replace the heat exchanger with a normal HSF setup? Its a full BTX board. I plan on adding a 120mm to the top maybe for HD cooling cause i read the reviews and it says the HD cooling is very limited by the heat exchanger fan which cools pretty much whole pc.

    I'm gonna do some more browsing but if anyone has any ideas or tips let me know. Thanks guys.

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    Upgrade for PSU in SB86i Shuttle XPC?

    The power supply is standard(ish) cfx, I add the ish because cfx is an odd form factor used in btx sff systems. I agree that the hd's need more cooling, but I think that because of space restrictions a squirrel cage fan or two may work better. I would put an 80mm blowing on the ram, or maybe just another squirrel cage blowing sucking from the outside blowing air in line with the ram. You cannot change the hsf, and other than changing the thermal paste I don't know that you'd want to. It seems pretty well-engineered. What video card do you plan on using?

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    Upgrade for PSU in SB86i Shuttle XPC?

    I got a ATI Radeon x300 SE in my current game rig that i just recently built about a month ago. The card i already had was given to me. Works great i got it OC'd 48%, since it doesn't require alot of power i may put it in once i upgrade my current rig with a card from work.

    I do however really wanna stick a fan or two on the Shuttle. That is if its possible at all with out demanding to much power. Would like to find atleast a 300watt or 350 watt psu for the shuttle but I don't think i'll be able to. I got a couple 80mm blue led fans i may stick on the shuttle to add with cooling or atleast one.

    When i powered the system on today and got it going at work. I noticed that the cpu temp was like round 50C which i'm thinking wow thats high you know. So I do plan on giving the inside a really nice clean job and dust removal with some Dust Off. I think the HS may have some build up of dust. I know P4's run warm cause my pc i'm typing this on is a HP with a 3.06ghz P4 HT in it slim tower the D530 form i think if i remember right. And it runs 45 ish right now. But under heavy load such as WoW it runs at like 60C. So i know i should be able to get that 50C down to about say 35 or 40ish idle and about 50 to 58 loaded.

    As for the white front i may paint, found some nice Krylon Fusion paint at hobby lobby that doesn't require primer to paint on plastics. As for the chassis cover its made of steel so i'm not sure if i wanna tackle that yet or not. I may tackle it but i'd have to do some sanding and priming ewww. But I so want to go Black and Blue on the case. Like flat black or gloss, then have blue lights. I'll probably most likely put atleast 1 if not 2 120GB sata's in. As for the shuttle is gonna be my mobile LAN pc or just my mobile pc for when going to friends to play games. I wanna try to ad a handle maybe to the top, but i'm not sure about that yet. Wanna get fans and stuff first, not to mention i don't wanna screw up something that looks sweet by adding a handle.

    If all looks good i may see about putting it in a show or something. This will be my first major project since my first few attempts in painting and building custom cases. I've done painting with out priming before turned out nice but not like i wanted it. So i'm really aiming to do a great job on this project.

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    Upgrade for PSU in SB86i Shuttle XPC?

    I'm running a P4 socket 478 2.8ghz cpu and it's OC'ed to 3.56ghz and at this moment it's at 44C. It's being air cooled. It has a 120mm fan on the HS and a 80mm exhaust fan on the case and that's all other than the PS's fan. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Upgrade for PSU in SB86i Shuttle XPC?

    Can any one look at the SB86i reviews or specs and tell me from their experience if on a 275 watt psu what i'd be able to do? Right now i'm kinda stumped. Its got the LGA775 socket. Also it list only certain cards on the site for graphics. Will a ATI x300 SE run in it?

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