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Thread: PSU getting rid of extra cables

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    PSU getting rid of extra cables

    The box is a Apevia Q-Pack and the PSU is a Thermaltake Purepower 2.0 ATX12V 2.0 600Watts

    There are so many 4 pin molex connectors on the PSU that I am not using and the inside of the case is jam packed with the extra cables I will never need. Is there a safe way of getting rid of unwanted cables ? Just take a pair of pliers at them or ?

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    PSU getting rid of extra cables

    erm, well i guess you canjust make sure your carfull and no what your doing, theres two ways i think that you can do it,

    1. cut the wire and protect there ends, or
    2. open the psu and desolder the wires from the board

    maybe askin some one around here who nos more about it could be an idea, tazz i think nos abit n i think dex would to

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    PSU getting rid of extra cables

    As to opening the PSU and unsoldering.... too time consuming, I have 3 little ones running around. Rather save some time.

    All I want to do is get rid of the cable extensions, like the molex 4 pins, I just use 1 but there is 4 connectors on the same line. Can I just cut it after the first connection and get rid of the rest ?

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    PSU getting rid of extra cables

    well, i just zip tied them together inside my rig, i cant suggest anything else now

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    PSU getting rid of extra cables

    In the ones I have built, I generally use a modular unit to address that issue during the build. But I have taken the time to roll the wires up and tuck them up underneath the 5.25" drive providing your not using the 3.5" bay. I then zip tie it to the support brace to keep them up.

    Cutting the extra wire off is an option, just make sure you do it when its not powered up and make sure to heat shrink the ends you cut off. You dont want them coming into contact with anything and causing problems. But be sure that your not going to change things up and need more cables at a later time.

    I generally pull the molexes and remove the wires from the crimp then re-crimp and solder the ends back on.

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    PSU getting rid of extra cables

    I have a modular PSU too so I (yay :P) don't have that kind of problems on my main PC... But for my other PC I opened the PSU, got rid of all the extra cables I didn't/don't need and it looks way better...

    Your decision though

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    PSU getting rid of extra cables

    OK, modular PSU is the best way to go... if my budget wasn't so limited for the work.

    System is an Apevia Q-pack case (needs to move twice a week between work sites), Gigabyte microATX mobo, Western Digital SATA HDD, LG SATA DVD multidrive, 4 GB RAM, AMD Athlon X64 X2 5200+, EVGA GeForce 8800GTS 340MB video card, 19" HannsG monitor, running Vista.

    System was stable for about 4 months with the "stock" 420Watt Apevia PSU, then started shutting down for no obvious reason

    First thing I realized was that the PSU was getting way too hot... hot enough to make some eggs sunny side up in 3 mins.

    I took the whole system apart, running it with just 1 stick of RAM (2 GB), onboard video, CPU, HDD... still the same problem, after 10-15 mins system shuts down for no reason.... I monitor the CPU temp, system temp, speed of system and CPU fans

    Then I decided to drop in another PSU as I had for back-up; Thermaltake Purepower 2.0 600Watts; it had been working under EXTREME load (encoding a MiniDVD recorded via a Sony camcorder to AVI then to DIVx format)

    More questioons in next post : ....

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    PSU getting rid of extra cables

    With the different ps how did it act with it? Is it still shutting down after a short time period? Happy Modding to ya.

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    PSU getting rid of extra cables

    id go with the roll and tie solution specially that you are not using a modular PSU. because just in case that you will need them you won't have to re-crimp the molex or resolder the whole thing... and cutting them off might just ground and electrocute other stuffs inside your PC....

    but for me, on my secondary PSU i unsolded them from the base because i just wanted to use the 12v and ground wires (4-pin MOLEX)... and it is working fine.

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