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Thread: AcidBurn's Shuttle Mod Project

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    AcidBurn's Shuttle Mod Project

    I'm posting all my photos so far here. Check them out below.

    Stock Photos:

    These are photos for paint prep:

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    AcidBurn's Shuttle Mod Project

    Got part of the case cover taped for painting also will get a picture tomorrow of it. If anyone here is good at drawing, could someone draw up a xpc logo like whats in the picture. Needs to be 1" 3/4 tall and 4" wide. I'm going to center the logo in the front of case as seen in the photo.

    I orginally wanted to mod that area with a fan grill and duct for the 120mm fan thats behind it that cools the CPU. But there ended up being to much stuff in the way on the back side of front bezel such as wires and the springs for stealth door.

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    AcidBurn's Shuttle Mod Project

    I don't know about that xpc logo. It's a fine idea, but it's kind of... sloppy. You drew it better than I could, but it would be better to go with an existing logo instead of copying by eye.

    Here's an image that I found on google:

    Blow it up to the size that you need it using photoshop or the Gimp, print it, and find a way to transfer it to the tape. You could tape it to the front of the box where you want it above the tape and cut out the letters (and subsequently the tape below it). There's a million ways to transfer it, just find what works for you. Other than that it's looking well.

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    AcidBurn's Shuttle Mod Project

    Yea i was just getting a rough guess at how big I wanted it. So the drawing wasn't final. Just free handed it, to get a idea. to bad i don't have a projector i could just set it up so it shows it and i could trace it but can't do that. I"ll probably paint the letters on after I do the black coat of paint. I'll have to mask the light there in the top part of bezel. It doesn't come out. So that should be tricky to get it masked over also.

    I did buy an attachment for my spray can that lets it be more like a spray gun so i don't get the tired finger of painting. Going to post picture of case cover tonight all prepped for painting. Masking the letters on the side is time consuming. Spent like an hour or more doing just one side. Needs some touch up on the masking but it will look nice when done.

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    AcidBurn's Shuttle Mod Project

    Just print the posted xpc to the size that you want and then cut it out and spray the back of it with some spray adhesive. They have some that is meant to be removable and some that is permanent. Or you can get some double-face tape and apply it to the back. There are many ways that you can attach the logo to the case cover. Happy Modding to ya.

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    AcidBurn's Shuttle Mod Project

    Hmm i'll have to look into that also. I have thought of doing away with the XPC logo as well. But am not sure, what do you guys think? Should i keep the xpc logo on the front or remove it?

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    AcidBurn's Shuttle Mod Project

    If it was mine, I would not have anything on the front of the case but that is my idea of a design. I'm sure what ever you do will turn out nice. That is the whole point of this mod. It's your idea and what ever you decide will be what you want and it will look nice because it's what you wanted. I know that you are searching for ideas so that you can make a decision that you like and that is why I posted my opinion. So I'll keep coming back to see what you decided on doing. Happy Modding to ya.

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    AcidBurn's Shuttle Mod Project

    Thanks. I'm gonna look at some other ideas also for the front. I do like my idea of the fan port in the front. But i have a feeling that it would be alot more work. I'll try to get a photo of the back side of the front panel. Its kind of a pain in the butt to remove the front bezel because of the multi card reader on the right side of the bezel and the usb, firewire and mic/headphone jacks on the left side of bezel.

    So i'm not sure as to if i do the fan mod in the front if i'll have to remove the door for cdrom. Its got spring clips, along with that there some other little tabs not sure if they do much. I'll try to snap a photo of it tonight, as I need to upload some photos of the case cover before I paint it as well. I gave it a good cleaning lastnight with some rubbing alcohol to get all the grime off. Turned out nice and clean, minus the few places where the paint was scuffed pretty bad on that one side of panel. But i've got a rough masking of the letters done for one side so I plan on doing the other side tonight then taking some photos and posting them.

    Really am aiming to paint tonight if its not raining. Otherwise i'll have to wait till next week to paint. But going with a nice Satin Black. Found a nice matching blue color too. which i plan on using for the letters on the sides. Probably use it if i go with a logo or lettering on the front.

    I'd really like to see some other shuttle mods but haven't been able to find any on google. Is there a site or a place that has some people have done?

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    AcidBurn's Shuttle Mod Project

    Ok guys i've seen some SFF case work done here by Tazz. I must say its awsome to see such great work done on a SFF case. This really gave me alot of ideas. Which also leads me to maybe totally removing the XPC/Shuttle logo's from the case. As I am a fan for window's and lights in pc's. I'm looking into maybe adding a window in the middle of case. Like to go from middle on one side of cover around over the top to other side. That way theres a good look, but thats just one idea.

    I've also thought about putting a Air intake to the top of the case. Sort of like a ram air hood design and mounting a 80mm fan or something in there. Not sure yet though as haven't had much experience at bending acrylic or lexan. I am kinda trying to stay limited on my adding of fans and lights though. For my case only has a 275watt psu and i plan on adding a pci-e graphics card in later.

    I do wanna however add some cooling to the case but don't wanna increase the noise. The case already runs quiet which I totally love because my game rig is pretty loud as it is. I'm more of the type to see a case and it look awsome with out it sounding like a jet.

    Still have the dent a little in the top left bend of the cover for the case. I've tried to remove part of it with a rubber mallet and got most of it but theres still some. I'm kinda worried about it being notice able when i get it painted. So not sure yet what to do about that.

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    AcidBurn's Shuttle Mod Project this would be so cool

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