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Thread: Shopping site?

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    Shopping site?

    Hey there, I'm shopping for a new monitor and I remember in the past I used this site that would basically be a search engine of all the legit computer hardware sites so I could compare prices and such without all the hassle of finding each site. So would anyone happen to know a decent site something like this? Or if you want to suggest me a monitor thats cool too, looking for an LCD under $200 with shipping as big as I can get with good response/contrast ratio.

    Thanks :P

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    Shopping site?

    Have you tried they often have free shipping deals and always have good deals on PC parts, Monitors, etc... Check them out if you haven't. Also i thought i saw a monitor ad in the Deals and Steals area here on forums.

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    Shopping site?

    Oh yeah I know all about newegg, their my usual but I want to make sure I'm finding the best I can (lowest price ). I thank you for the help but I'm looking for something that will search all the sites, not just an individual one such as or tigerdirect, etc. I'll look around on the deals and steals thing if I can find it... This site changed while I wasn't around D: (I liked red and black better *pokes tazz*) :P

    Edit: *facepalm* Just found the hardware search on the site, this might be what I'm looking for. xD

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    Shopping site?

    Edit: *facepalm* Just found the hardware search on the site, this might be what I'm looking for. xD
    Was going to suggest it, but glad you found it on your own. Hopefully other will use it too. It helps you and it helps us...if you get what I mean :wink:

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    Shopping site?

    Yeah I found a monitor off it just browsing through. My only beef with it is I can't refine my search further than type of equipment and maybe 1 sub-category. It'd be nice if I could sort by price and maybe more specific things. I'll post a link to the monitor in a sec, go figure its newegg :P. 175 bucks, acer, 2000:1 contrast 19' !!!!!!

    Also ordering a 8600GT 256mb GDDR3, factory OCed. $65 if I do the $30 rebate ^_^
    And a new mouse, my old one is borked. And last but not least, Supreme Commander!

    Not to mention my friend is sending me 1gb ram for free. Its better than Christmas, can't wait for quakecon.



    I'm hoping new egg will pull through and have it here friday/saturday. Did rush order... and ordered during business hours with plenty of time to spare. However I've never been lucky like most with newegg, in regards to getting an order sooner than expected.

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