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Thread: Mmm new toys :P

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    Mmm new toys :P

    UPS guy came yesterday with my toys I ordered from newegg. Got an XFX 8600gt with a factory OC already. Got a new Acer 19" lcd. The really nice thing about the LCD though is its native resolution is the same as a 22" 1680 x 1050. I was running on a CRT for the longest time... 15" at that. Its really night and day, the card is actually quite impressive for the price. It can handle HL2 Maxxed out no problem, and does well with other games and the HL2 Engine. Going to do a bit more testing today, FEAR :P I'll let you guys know how it does.


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    Mmm new toys :P

    Nice loot. One question though. Where is the mouse for the mod contest? :wink:

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    Mmm new toys :P

    Assaisin, mind if I ask for the frequencies? My card runs under 540MHz core freq. and 856MHz RAM clock (I can only OC RAM clock, my PC will crash if I try to OC the core... darn :P)

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    Mmm new toys :P

    Actually sheld I did order a mouse with it all, my old one was crappy and broken :P, however I dont have my tools for now so no modding for me, only dreaming D:

    And dex I haven't OCed this yet, this is as it came:
    GPU Core-620mhz
    Shader Clock-1350mhz

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    Mmm new toys :P

    Sweet, by the way, do you have any links to your card on a website? So I can see if I have the same heatsink (even tho I'm planning on buying another card to put them in SLi and mount Zalmans to them... In a near future (month or two)

    wow preety cool frequencies

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    Mmm new toys :P

    Heres the card dex.

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