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Thread: Weird paint probs

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    Weird paint probs

    Just put a clear coat on my front bezel. In a couple places the paint did something weird like rose up in crosses and what not really weired. Didn't do it on anything else. So i sanded it down after it dried and repainted it. So now i'm just waiting on the paint to dry so i can maybe clear coat again. If it does it again what should I do? Should I sand down the whole front bezel or use paint stripper and strip it down to the white or what? Rest of case didn't have this problem when i clear coated it. Just a few places on front bezel.

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    Weird paint probs

    If it were me I would sand down the whole bezel and repaint and reapply the clear coat. I know that it's redoing the whole thing but that's me. I want my bezel to come out looking good so I do the whole thing and now just a small portion but the whole thing gets done if it's me. Good luck and Happy Modding to ya.

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    Weird paint probs

    I seemed to fix the problem. I sanded it down the problem area's and sanded the rest real light. Then I applied a couple new coats of the black. Then i gave another light sanding and applied a couple light coats of clear coat. Looks pretty decent now. As for the cover it looks great too, minus the parts where the letters are. Which i'm thinking of covering the whole cover in paper cept where the letters are and doing a nice clean rectangle around the letters and paiting them blue. I'll be sure to snap some more photos soon.

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    Weird paint probs

    I am an automotive painter.
    Without seeing the problem to know exactly what it did it is hard to say but I would guess it was a reaction to base paint you had on the front. Likely the front is plastic. Different surfaces react differently to paint.

    If it is what I think it is sounds like the base was maybe not dry enough when you cleared it and the solvents in the clear reacted to the base color!

    If you solved the problem though good deal. Putting light coats of clear would be exactly what I would have recommended. If your clear is not as shiny as you would like it because you had to apply lights coats...let it set for several days and reclear with a heavier coat!

    Hope this helps!

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    Weird paint probs

    im with ClausenLT i have had the same thing happen to me, it was because the case was still wet though....and the only time i have had paint react was with a purple base just bubbled! that i think was more down to me being very inexsperianced when i did that.....the base coat was only left for an hour before i used yea thats props why but spot on for sorting it!!

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