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Thread: Guess who got an iPhone? (not really)

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    Guess who got an iPhone? (not really)

    Yes, I know what you're thinking, and no, it's not true. I did not get an Apple iPhone. I got an InfoGear iPhone for $10 at a thrift store.

    It's a phone/internet terminal from 1998.

    Literally everything about this thing is proprietary, from the keyboard jack to the optional printer attachment (which infogear themselves don't reccomend). I picked it up to harvest its screen, which research revealed to be a b&w touchscreen. Score!

    I have an lcd screen, soldering skills, and a basic knowledge of electronics, but I'm a bit lost as to where I go from here. It has a controller pcb, but that thing was made for the iPhone and as far as I know it isn't compatible with standard pc connectors. I know that the backlight runs on AC, but the rest is sort of a mystery. I guess that I can start by asking vendor sites for any specs that they may have. I doubt that they would respond to an individual not related to a potential business partner, but there's no harm in trying. Any info would be useful, and I can answer any questions that you may have.

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    Guess who got an iPhone? (not really)

    Whoa, awesome
    when I saw the topics name, I said to myself: "I gotta write that my P1i beats the iPhone (joke hehe)"

    ok back to topic.. That's a very cool little LCD Is it colour or B/W?
    Maybe, if you turn the PBC around, you could probably see wich is the LCDs driver chip, if you can post a picture with good resolution up here.. If it's B/W LCD then maybe I can help you out, if it's colour, you can connect it to your PC and use Samurize or a similar program to display stuff on it

    Nice find btw
    I wish we had that kind of stuff here *electronic heaven lol*..

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    Guess who got an iPhone? (not really)

    Cool find. I agree with the photos of the PCB and maybe somebody might be able to point you into the right direction on where to go to get some help with it. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Guess who got an iPhone? (not really)

    It is a black and white touchscreen, and the model number is SP19V001-ZZC. There are two pcbs, one that is physically attached to the back of the screen and another, larger pcb that includes dials for what I guess are brightness and contrast, as well as the inverter and a bunch of other diodes, transistors, resistors, capacitors, and other electronic components whose purpose is unknown to me. It may be needed for operation, it may make my life easier, or it may only work with the iPhone and have to removed/replaced.

    Also, the border of the screen has white bars that go around it that I suspect have something to do with its touchscreen abilities.

    I know that I need to hook it up to the pc somehow, and I know that there are programs to control it, but I still have questions and concerns: Are voltages an issue? Do we know that it runs on 12v? How do I wire it? Are there guides on this? How standardized are lcds in their wiring?

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    Guess who got an iPhone? (not really)

    I did more research, and I found out some things. I learned that the touchscreen is a 4-wire analogue resistive touch screen, and usb controllers for those can be had for around $30. I'm holding off on that purchase as I'm not sure if I can make the rest of the device work, and nobody likes having a specialty product that's useless to them. I shot off a couple emails, one to hitachi and another to one of their suppliers. The controller board is for the most part useless to me as far as I can tell. Both of the ribbon cables coming off of it are 20-wire, and upon closer inspection of the main pcb most of the leads go directly to the cpu. Not much information is available on the iPhone, and since infogear no longer exists (bought by cisco) they aren't much help either. The ribbon cable coming off of the actual screen is a 22-wire, not counting the touchscreen wire. Any help would still be, well, helpful.

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    Guess who got an iPhone? (not really)

    I think you've gotten yourself too deep in this one. This is a project more well suited for an electrical engineer. This thing needs to be programmed not just for display, but for touchscreen. And that in and of itself is a whole nother nine million ball parks.

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    Guess who got an iPhone? (not really)

    I know that it's a tough one for a first electrical project, but I still want to take it on, even if it means becoming an electrical engineer. I already became a computer technician and an industrial designer just because I wanted to, so what's stopping me here? I'll check out some books from the library or something. As for the touchscreen, it uses a standard wiring that you can buy usb controllers for. Even if I can't get the screen to work, I can turn it into a touchpad (like on a laptop).

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    Guess who got an iPhone? (not really)

    This year I got a lesson in manhood as I looked out for my mother and made sure she was safe and warm instead of being the kid that she needed to take care of. That came with the realization that what with me going to college next year, that would be the last time I would partake in that tradition as a member of my parents household.
    That would make you around 17.

    Not to be an asshole here, but Industrial Designers needs four years of accredited schooling, and registration that often requires and examination. Saying you're a computer technician doesn't mean much around here anyway. A friend of mine at 17 opened a computer technician store in his garage where he resells comps and fixes local problems as his job outside of high school.

    Do what you want, but learning the last 40 years of digital engineering probably won't come from a local library self teaching books. I don't know how much you know about it now, but just to start, you need to either make or get a hold of technical readouts and figure out a power source.

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    Guess who got an iPhone? (not really)

    what is the voltage that the iPhone need to run? I just got one but didn't get the power supply with it.

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    Guess who got an iPhone? (not really)

    I appreciate your support, and I will let you know how this works out for me.

    Mine didn't come with an adapter either, so I can't really say. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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