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Thread: Sweet Mini ITX and CPU stuff check it out pics included.

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    Sweet Mini ITX and CPU stuff check it out pics included.

    Ok guys heres a awsome thing. Went to the college my sis attends and got to see some really awsome stuff for family day. Alot of which I knew how it works and all that good stuff, since I finished my course in electronics before her. So as I was walking through some different areas of the Engineering building looking at stuff. Found a display that someone from the Chip area put up. Was different steps in making Chips and CPU's. I'll post some photos below in a few.

    The other really cool thing that I saw and made me think of those who are here at the forums. Was a display of Mini ITX boards complete setup and everything. The guy who had it wasn't at his table so I helped my self kindly to looking after asking the prof there at hand.

    A super computer made of Mini ITX boards all fully loaded and connected together in what they call Nodes. So essentially the boards in the front are connected to those in back of the rack and also further down the tower. I'll post some photos i snapped on the good ol' cell phone. Mind the pictures are 2mega pixel. So they are good but not as great as a 5mp shot.

    First few photos are the Silicon chip making stuff. Note the one which has dragon design.

    These are the Mini ITX setup. Last photo is a Mini ITX. Box was there so I got to look at specs but forgot to snap a shot of specs.

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    Sweet Mini ITX and CPU stuff check it out pics included.

    cool i want a mini itx....

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